• Style, functionality and the opportunity to win a bad ass new bike. Either way, you're a winner!
  • New and improved for our second giveaway bike – the Shralp and Destroy guards are thicker and built for gettin rowdy. We only made a limited number of these bad boys, and even fewer in the Grave Digger color so don’t miss out. Keep the mud out of your face AND quadruple your chances of winning a bad ass bike. Can’t think of a better investment than that. Mudguards are good for four (4) giveaway entries.
  • Featuring too many features to feature, this pad is made with the highest quality materials. The 59" width Sensus Bachelor Pad will turn your truck’s back-end into THE post ride place to be. *It is designed to fit best with modern trucks with wide tailgate tops. The pad has space for 6 bikes, plus an internal storage pouch for smelly gear, beer or whatever else you don't want in the cab of your truck. There's also 3 separate Velcro pouches for stashing tools or parts where they're easy to get, but out of eye sight. The strap system the secures the pad to the tailgate. A magnetic flap makes tailgate latch or backup camera access a snap. We liked this pad so much we decided to team up with The Sensus crew to sell them in our web store. Now you can get a bitchin' tailgate pad AND get entered to win a bad ass Loam Wolf Edition bike!
  • The big boys. If you've got big hands or just like riding a larger diameter grip, these are the ones. Kyle Strait put his heart and soul into making these bad boys.
    • Oversized 5” Grip Area

    • Oversized 1.5” Diameter

    • Semi Flange with Pinky Ramp

    • Single Lock

    • Intergrated End Cap

    Hand Crafted in California

  • The Sensus Lite is brewed with a traditional Sensus pattern with tighter and smaller ribs for less "float," but still providing the unsurpassed grip, comfort and vibration damping you expect from Sensus. One lock, built in end cap, micro flanges, only 1.6 ounces each. It's everything you want in a grip, and less! Made in California
  • The lock-on version of The Original Swayze. This grip is incredible for all types of riding, featuring Lock-Cover on the outside flange for all you end-grippers. ODI patented lock design and snap-cap plastic ends that stay fresh when you slide out. Incredibly soft compound, yet avid riders use on average one pair per year. Made in California Includes locks, bolts and snap-caps.

  • Andreu Lacondeguy's signature grip! Featuring double lock-cover for fans of a flange-less lock on grip. With a functional logo, this grip provides four different positions to fine tune your comfort and preference. This grip will turn you into a brutal savage!

    Made in the California ODI patented lock design. Includes locks bolts and snap-caps.

    Fit Guide
    S M L XL
    Thigh inch 15-17" 17-19" 19-21" 21-23"
    Thigh cm 38-43cm 43-48cm 48-53cm 53-58cm
    Measure circumference of lower thigh, 6" (15.25cm) above the kneecap
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