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Loam Line – Howl at the Wolf


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Curious? Bored? Looking for advice in love, bike selection or planning your next bike trip? The Delicate Beast is ready to guide you through life’s challenging decisions. Our supreme advice is ready to be given to those seeking guidance.

Click here if you’d like to hear sweet soothing tones coming through your telephone speaker.

If you are a robot or prefer the feeling of a keyboard beneath your fingers, you can sign up for a Skype Chat or G-Chat session. ‘Cuz we know you want to make it look like you’re working when you’re actually bike part shopping.


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Upon completion of this most wise of purchases you will receive an email asking for convenient times and a phone number. We will coordinate a day and time that suits the parties involved. Next we will contact you through interstellar wavelengths and bestow upon you our worldly knowledge.

1 review for Loam Line – Howl at the Wolf

  1. Dan_Bicicleta (verified owner)

    Well what can I say. This was the best 20$ I’ve spent in a long while. When it says “Our supreme advice is ready to be given to those seeking guidance”, they mean it. The wolf will most definitely answer any MTB question you have. I decided to ask about social media content creation and management. The wolf was super knowledgeable about this topic of course, and went into great detail about the ins and outs without holding back! Have a pen and paper ready by your side because you will get a lot of helpful tips and ideas. The wolf was friendly, understanding, and helpful. If you added one of their cool items to your cart, make sure you also include this because it also counts as entrees towards that sick custom bike they are giving away! How often do you get a chance to speak to someone with so much knowledge about anything and everything MTB? After buying this, you will receive an email to set up a day and time to connect with the wolf. The wolf is punctual, so be ready with some earphones and howl away. p.s: I am also sure that you can talk about things other than mountain biking, but up to you!

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