Sensus Bachelor Pad


Featuring too many features to feature, this pad is made with the highest quality materials. The 59″ width Sensus Bachelor Pad will turn your truck’s back-end into THE post ride place to be. *It is designed to fit best with modern trucks with wide tailgate tops.

The pad has space for 6 bikes, plus an internal storage pouch for smelly gear, beer or whatever else you don’t want in the cab of your truck. There’s also 3 separate Velcro pouches for stashing tools or parts where they’re easy to get, but out of eye sight. The strap system the secures the pad to the tailgate. A magnetic flap makes tailgate latch or backup camera access a snap.

We liked this pad so much we decided to team up with The Sensus crew to sell them in our web store. Now you can get a bitchin’ tailgate pad AND get entered to win a bad ass Loam Wolf Edition bike!

Product Description

Please know that the pad was designed with modern tailgates in mind. The kind that feature an air dam. If your truck has an older style “narrow” tailgate top it will still work but it won’t quite have this glove-like fit.


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