All-in-One Flat Fix

Words & Photos by Chili Dog

Nicknames aren’t something given– they’re earned. It’s taken a whole lot of flats, long hikes home and begging other riders for air, tools or tubes to earn my nickname, “Tire Killer.” That fate is especially cruel since I also hate carrying anything remotely useful for repairing my bike. I’m constantly searching for alternative options, and GÜP caught my eye.

The Lab

The GÜP system is simple. It’s a small can, similar in size to a spray on sunscreen bottle, that houses both the air needed to refill your flat tire and a special sealant foam that quickly plugs holes. It’s especially handy since it means you can fix most flats with the tire still on the rim, and literally zero extra tools. It will even seat a tubeless tire bead trailside. For the minimalist packer like me it’s a dream come true.


GÜP uses a latex based sealant that they claim seals up to a 4mm puncture in the sidewall or tread area. Because of the foaming nature of the product, it doesn’t settle inside the tread area of the tire. Instead it fills the tire space more completely, sealing any punctures along the way.

The 125ml can weighs 122 grams when full and is small enough to fit in a bib short pocket or other riding pack. With a footprint far smaller than a pump, tube and tire levers, you’d be hard pressed to find a more space effective solution. GÜP also sells a bottle holster that easily attaches a bottle directly to you bike so it’s always ready to go. It’s the perfect option for forgetful people, like me. The foam also leaves minimal residue in the tire or rim when it comes time to replace the tire.


The Dirt

Simply put, this stuff gets the job done. GÜP is one of the easiest and most user-friendly ways to fix a flat. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Get a flat tire (this is the hardest part).
Step 2: Unthread the Presta valve stem as if you were using a normal tire pump.
Step 3: Take out the can of GÜP, and remove the clear plastic cap. Put the yellow GÜP valve onto the valve stem of the wheel. With both hands, push down firmly. You’ll hear the GÜP flow into the tire as it inflates.
Step 4: Wait a few minutes, and then finish your ride.

One can has no problem getting a 29×2.5 tire up to about 30psi in a matter of seconds. Even 27.5+ tires inflate without issue. One can also has more than enough power to seat a tubeless tire, so long as you make sure the bead is in the right spot. Our testers have had more than a few rides saved thanks to these little blue cans. There was only one half-inch long sidewall tear that GÜP couldn’t fill, and even then, it held long enough to get me to the final climb.


The Wolf’s Last Word

It should come as no surprise that we love this stuff. GÜP is simple and works incredibly well. It’s better than the majority of trailside flat repair options on the market and takes up only a fraction of the space most kits do. Coupled with a tire patch kit or plug system, it’s enough to get you out of almost any flat situation without the use of a tube or a cumbersome hand pump.

Price: $14.99 per can
Website: Gupindustries.com

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