About The Loam Wolf in The Mountain Bike Industry

The Loam Wolf has been watching from the woods and mountains above, waiting for the right time to attack the status quo. We have descended, hell-bent and heaven-sent to reignite the stoke in riders around the world. Our pack has been growing and we smell blood. The passion, wildness, and grassroots love for our sport will no longer go without a voice. The Wolf Pack is here, and we will do our best to unite photographers, industry friends, athletes and mountain bikers of all kinds while giving them a voice and place to remember why they fell in love with riding bikes.

Want to join the Wolf Pack?

All are welcome, but not all are ready. Throw on some gear, grab a camera and let your sense of adventure lead the way. If you’re like us you enjoy being outside and letting your soul guide you as you chase your front wheel. Whether you’ve got an epic road trip planned, an epic dual sport moto trip or are headed out for a race weekend with some friends we want to hear your stories! One of the best parts of riding is the story telling around the campfire. A computer screen doesn’t have the same glow but we understand sometimes you just gotta pay the bills. While you’re being held captive behind the screen, we want to share some cool stories to inspire each other and make the hours until our next adventure arrives go by a little faster.

Send your story submissions to, Info@theloamwolf.com

Drew Rohde


Born and raised in Thousand Oaks, CA, this Oakie left the rocky, fast trails he grew up riding in SoCal for the rural PNW. He now calls Bend, OR home and likes being closer to so many great testing grounds in the upper West Coast. His sporadic attempts at racing DH left him somewhere between Cat 1 sandbagger and Pro-class pack fill. His favorite past time is complaining about new fangled technology, music, or anything else he didn’t decide was cool before you found it. When he’s not testing bikes or roaming deserted highways, you can find him dressed in camo building trails in the woods. Just kidding, all he does is work and hang with his baby girl these days. #theshrublife is now #dadlife


Sean Leicht


Sourpatch grew up like any good 661 boy should – dirt bike trips to the desert, fireworks and alcohol poisoning. He may look fit but we believe malnourishment is to blame as his diet consists of of Rockstar energy drinks, sour, neon colored foods laden with high fructose corn syrup, meat without any sauce and a strict no vegetable policy. Not even In-N-Out sauce tempts him! When his insulin levels aren’t on a rollercoaster, Sourpatch enjoys coasting down steep hills, playing with his Boxer dogs and hates doubles.


Nic Hall


Our on staff medic, Nic is one of those guys who does a bit of everything. When he’s not waiting to hop on a helicopter to save people’s lives, he can be found tinkering in the garage, ripping his snow-moto, riding motorcycles or helping test mountain bikes on the trails around Bend, OR. Nic is a fit rider with a quick pace and a discerning palate. He favors 29ers and is a great example of the fit XC ripper turned enduro rider.




Our Euro guy. When Robert has finished chasing Haggis is his kilt, with a bottle of whiskey in one hand and some bagpipes in the other, you’ll find him roaming the trails of the UK and Europe with a smile on his face. Okay, maybe he doesn’t quite live up to the Scottish stereotypes, but at least the part about the bikes is true, so long as he’s not failing hard on a techy climb. When he’s not out “working” on a mountain bike, you’ll likely find him trying to float around a skatepark on his beloved 22″ bmx.