About The Loam Wolf in The Mountain Bike Industry

The Loam Wolf has been watching from the woods and mountains above, waiting for the right time to attack the status quo. We have descended, hell-bent and heaven-sent to reignite the stoke in riders around the world. Our pack has been growing and we smell blood. The passion, wildness, and grassroots love for our sport will no longer go without a voice. The Wolf Pack is here, and we will do our best to unite photographers, industry friends, athletes and mountain bikers of all kinds while giving them a voice and place to remember why they fell in love with riding bikes.

Want to join the Wolf Pack?

All are welcome, but not all are ready. Throw on some gear, grab a camera and let your sense of adventure lead the way. If you’re like us you enjoy being outside and letting your soul guide you as you chase your front wheel. Whether you’ve got an epic road trip planned, an epic dual sport moto trip or are headed out for a race weekend with some friends we want to hear your stories! One of the best parts of riding is the story telling around the campfire. A computer screen doesn’t have the same glow but we understand sometimes you just gotta pay the bills. While you’re being held captive behind the screen, we want to share some cool stories to inspire each other and make the hours until our next adventure arrives go by a little faster.

Send your story submissions to, Drew@test.theloamwolf.com

Drew “Old Man” Rohde

Born and raised in Thousand Oaks, CA, this Oakie left the rocky, fast trails he grew up riding in SoCal for the rural PNW. He now calls Bend, OR home and likes being closer to so many great testing grounds in the upper West Coast. His sporadic attempts at racing DH left him somewhere between Cat 1 sandbagger and Pro-class pack fill. His favorite past time is complaining about new fangled technology, music, or anything else he didn’t decide was cool before you found it. When he’s not testing bikes, shooting rifles or roaming deserted highways on his motorcycles you can find him dressed in camo building trails in the woods. #theshrublife


Sean “Sourpatch” Leicht

Sourpatch grew up like any good 661 boy should – dirt bike trips to the desert, fireworks and alcohol poisoning. He may look fit but we believe malnourishment is to blame as his diet consists of of Rockstar energy drinks, sour, neon colored foods laden with high fructose corn syrup, meat without any sauce and a strict no vegetable policy. Not even In-N-Out sauce tempts him! When his insulin levels aren’t on a rollercoaster, Sourpatch enjoys coasting down steep hills, playing with his Boxer dogs and hates doubles.


Andrew “Chilidog” Villablanca

A mountain biker with a diesel truck problem, Chilidog grew up in Los Angeles California. Flat pedals, good trails, and Cummins powered trucks make him tick. He’s got a passion for anything on wheels and loves getting airborne. Some may call him princess, but we like Chilidog’s upbeat personality. Even when he’s suffering on long climbs he has a smile on his face that only grows when he finally finds the first jump to throw a steezy tabletop on the way down. In our pack he represents the sensitive, young millennial who loves to ride, but has other things he wants to do, like cuddle.


Ryan “Frenchie” Gagnon

A wet n wild party animal who’s been injured more seriously during drunken mishaps than he ever has on a bike. Another Santa Clarita, CA local, Frenchie developed his line selection and comfort at speed riding dirt bikes and hauling ass in the California desert and on his annual trips to Baja. Over the years Frenchie has been a competitive DH and enduro racer in the SoCal area and tested countless bikes, which has given him a solid understanding of what makes bikes ride well and what doesn’t. Plus he’s always singing a catchy jingle on the trail, which makes him a real mood booster. Ride fast, take chances.


Michael Darter

He’s got the skills to make us say, Daaaayum Darter! One of the hardest working and happiest photogs we know. He’s equally skilled behind the lens as he is on a bike. You may have seen him on the podium at a Fontana race or two, in the OG class of course. He may be older than most of the trails we ride but don’t let that fool you! If there was a mountain biking viagra, Darter wouldn’t need it as his trail shredding and button pushing power lies deep in the roots of his beard, and that thing grows strong.  


Seve Mustone

No, not Steve. Seve Mustone is a 5’6” frame snapper who carries himself like he’s at least 5’7”. Having grown up on the east coast racing bikes and skis, Seve came out to California to experience the famous trails of Santa Cruz and go to college, in that order. As his love for shredding and all of its nuances got deeper, he decided that making a difference in the bike industry was his calling. He firmly believes that mountain biking should be fun and has an affinity for long, epic rides and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. When he’s not on the trail, you can find him hiking, skiing, rock climbing, or being injured from the aforementioned activities.


Nic Hall

Our on staff medic, Nic is one of those guys who does a bit of everything. When he’s not waiting to hop on a helicopter to save people’s lives, he can be found tinkering in the garage, ripping his snow-moto, riding motorcycles or helping test mountain bikes on the trails around Bend, OR. Nic is a fit rider with a quick pace and a discerning palate. He favors 29ers and is a great example of the fit XC ripper turned enduro rider.


Ale Di Lullo

From the shores of Lake Garda, Italy – Ale is one of our favorite photographers and absolutely kills it behind the lens. On a seemingly endless mission to steal souls, Ale travels the globe relentlessly while shooting premier events while also focusing on the core projects that mountain bikers love. World Cups may pay the bills, but whenever there’s an off weekend Ale can be found road tripping with true-blue mountain bikers just for the fun of it. We’ve run into Ale in the most random places in his search to capture the sport. His large, quiet presence is only overpowered by the images he produces.



Samson “Chief Rides with Wind” Hatae

Not the best at mountain biking, but one of the best at having fun, Sammy is always down for an adventure! At the drop of a hat Sammy will have his miniature van packed with a bike, surfboard, dual sport and camping gear ready for whatever. He’s traveled the world taking pictures on a cruise ship and has ridden a motorcycle across the United States. We’ve slowly been dragging him away from spandex and tried to convince him that going really fast on dirt is way cooler. He’s finally starting to see the light.



Ryan “Cowboy” Wiegman

Hailing from the dankiest of woods in Northern California, Cowboy Ryan enjoys spending his time riding and shooting photos on one of the most impressive trail networks we’ve ever seen. He’s lucky to have a strong riding crew and incredible scenery in his backyard, which have allowed him to cultivate his skills behind the lens. His determination to get the shot and willingness to work will undoubtedly get his photos in front of lots more eyes in the future, and we’re thrilled to have him as part of The Pack.



Taylor “Singletrack Surgeon” Haenny

On a perpetual quest for the perfect trail, which routinely includes creating new ones. Oh yea, and he’s also fairly obsessed with collecting the KOM on these trails even if depraved terrorists are indeed using STRAVA to track him. From his late 90’s black and gold KHS Team steel hard tail to the 2018 Rocky Mountain Instinct he’s presently punishing, he’s been a keen observer of the evolution of these marvelous machines and has a pretty good idea of what gear makes you go faster.


Clayton “Wanger” Wangbichler

Beach Boy-lovin’ Idahoan at heart, yet currently pedaling the trails of Tahoe, Clayton is an upbeat and smiley guy. Despite the fact he doesn’t like Lynyrd Skynyrd, which is blasphemous around these parts, we still like him. His bicycle love affair started while wrenching on bikes at Boise State University and guiding the Inca Avalanche DH course in Peru. Eventually his wordsmithing abilities made him a glorified bike romancer for Mountain Bike Action before landing him a role doing public relations for WTB. As long as there’s one day of descending for every two of slowly slugging a bike uphill, Wang-Bang is easily talked into bikepacking trips that are masochistic in nature. He prefers 29ers for any style of sending, but he’s not always a dick about it. There are currently more dirt bikes and RC trucks in his garage than there are mountain bikes but that isn’t really an issue since wheels in the dirt are things we all love.


Charles Finlay

Born and raised on the island of Kauai, Chuck grew up surfing and jumping off waterfalls – your basic Hawaii hoodrat stuff. Things really started to take off in high school when his English teacher told him to bag the other crap and try mountain biking. After a couple rides Chuck was hooked and his life has been a wild ride ever since. Now based out of Whitefish, Montana, Chuck works part-time as Bike Patrol at Whitefish Mountain Resort and spends his free time on the hunt for the very best PNW has to offer. He’s not at the front of the pack after a grueling backcountry excursion, but he’s definitely got some cold beers ready at the car.