Enve M70 Bar and Stem Combo

M7 Bar and Stem Combo

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Words & Photos by Drew Rohde

It’s been a few years since the 35mm handlebar clamp diameter’s introduction. Admittedly we weren’t huge fans then, and there are still plenty of bars out now that make us wish for a compliant 31.8 bar. It seems every year another brand comes out with ‘a 35mm bar that rides like a 31.8’ yet we continue wish our hands weren’t so sore at the end of the day. When we got our hands on the Enve M7 handlebar and stem, we were a bit skeptical. They certainly looked impressive, as they should for the price, but would they truly live up to the claims of being a gravity-rated carbon cockpit with stiffness and compliance? We spent the next six months finding out.

The Lab

If it’s one thing Enve knows, it’s carbon construction. Immediately upon inspecting the components we were impressed with the finish and finesse in each curve and feature. The stem is a real piece of work as the shape is stealthy and refined. We opted for a 50mm length to keep handling precise and sharp. Other length offerings 35mm or 60mm and all have a zero degree rise and 40mm stack height.

Enve M70 Bar and Stem Combo

Enve offers the M7 handlebar in three different rise options: 10-, 25-, and 40mm. We opted for the 25mm rise to experiment with some height changes from our traditionally low stack height preferences. We actually liked going up a bit and the 25mm put us in a comfortable position. The bars feature an 8-degree sweep and 4-degree trip. We ran the bars at full length, which is 800mm. Narrow bar lovers take note, Enve claims a minimum width of 780mm.

Enve also ships each set of handlebars with a full spectrum sticker sheet to match their wheel decals. If you’ve got colored pedals or grips these could really help tie the room together. If not, you’ve got a stealthy option, which is what we chose to run.

Both the stem and bar are gravity-rated, which means Enve has tested them to withstand the abuses of aggressive downhill riding. Even though strength is off the charts, forcing Enve to recalibrate their test lab equipment, the goal was to have something equally pleasant to ride as it is strong. Enve claims that carbon is the ideal material as they can tune its characteristics by manipulating fiber orientation and bar shape. According to Enve, “The flex profile is highly tuned to blend responsiveness while absorbing fatigue-inducing chatter.”

Enve M70 Bar and Stem Combo

The Dirt

We weren’t quite sure what if any notice we could expect to see from this component swap. Even under our sensitive hands, sometimes products just don’t seem to deliver on their claims. We were a bit surprised when all of our testers came back with nods of approval.

We had three different riders put time on these bars on the same bike. Our BMC Trailfox test mule got ridden in Bend and for several hard days in Idaho during our Moto/MTB trip to Silver Mountain bike park. The bike park was a really great place to test the bars as it was full of braking bumps and big holes from the recent enduro race.

One of our testers proclaimed this was the first pair of 35mm bars he actually liked and would voluntarily put on his bike. Trail chatter was quieted down, harsh hits were met with a nice bit of flex however handling precision and stiffness at the controls are not sacrificed.

Enve M70 Bar and Stem Combo

The Wolf’s Last Word

Handlebars and stems are some of the easiest and most common places for customization on a bike. Sometimes vanity trumps performance when it comes to making your bike look cool. After riding Enve’s new M7 stuff, it reminds us how important precision components are when you’re really trying to eek out every bit of performance you can get. Don’t get carried away. They’re not miracle makers and will not turn the roughest trails into clouds, but if you are a discerning rider looking for an edge, you will get it. Simply put, these bars will help you ride faster and longer because they do reduce (not eliminate) vibrations and impacts that sap your energy on long descents.

Handlbar: $170
Stem: $280

Handlebar: 240g
Stem: 106g;

Website: enve.com

We Dig

Smooth Ride
Stealthy Looks
Includes Sticker Pack

We Don’t

Stem Price!


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