Ride Concepts Transition Clipless Shoes

Ride Concepts
Transition Clipless Shoes

Words by Justin Serna | Photos by Sourpatch

Back at the beginning of summer I was informed I’d be riding the new Ride Concepts Transition shoes on our upcoming Bike Park Review Tour. Now, many people would be excited at the prospect of getting new product to ride, but, as a former roady I am very particular about my cycling shoes. I was a bit concerned at the thought of leaving for a ten-stop, multi-month long tour with brand new shoes I’d never ridden in, from a brand I wasn’t even that familiar with! Little did I know that all of my concerns would be more than squashed.

Ride Concepts Transition Clipless Shoes


The Ride Concepts Transition clipless shoe was developed to enhance the security and power that only clipless pedals can deliver. With the help from Atherton Racing, the Transition and the ladies specific Traverse are race proven at the highest level. The Rubber Kinetics DST 8.0 MID grip means the shoes won’t feature the stickiest rubber in the Ride Concepts line, but will certainly last. Thanks to valuable feedback from Rachel Atherton and the Atherton Racing squad, Ride Concepts understands that clipless shoes don’t need to have the stickiest rubber since foot retention isn’t based on friction. Instead the shoes rely on a smooth interface between pedal and cleat. The Transition and Traverse do this nicely thanks to the 40mm wide cleat box that ensures easy entry to any brand of pedal.

Both models are built to be comfortable, durable and exceptionally efficient when pedaling thanks to a list of features. An asymmetrical medial mid-height collar utilizes D3O impact protection to soften those brutal ankle shots as well as reduce the amount of debris that enters the shoe. The asymmetrical design is completely unobtrusive to the rider when pedaling, but is ready to protect when needed. Custom toe cap protection is very appreciated and quite impressive. Nylon heel counters provide support and stability while the high-rise medial EVA arch support and D3O insoles complete the package of preservation and protection. Ride Concepts is focused on creating products that live up to their “Ride Everyday” ethos and in order to do that they need to last and they need to keep the rider comfortable and injury free.

Ride Concepts Transition Clipless Shoes


As I (regrettably) admitted at the beginning of this review, I am a recovering roadie…My concern with wearing new, unvetted shoes on a road trip reminded of the time I had to ride all day in a pair of borrowed shoes that turned my toe nails black as death. For those of you that ride clipless, you know that cleat placement is key to comfort. The Transition’s massive cleat box allowed me to run my cleats considerably farther back than any other shoe I have worn in the past granting me a much more neutral position while riding endless bike park laps.

Not only were the Transitions comfortable riding all day but they offered up a tremendous amount of comfort and support while hiking back up the steep trails repeatedly to “get the shot”. The D30 in the foot beds and the Asymmetrical Medial Collar proved to be worth the added weight. Our tour took us to the Whistler where we rode in multiple downpours before heading south to the pumice-filled Sierras where we rode in 100-degree weather and not once was I ever concerned about my feet. Ride Concepts definitely did their research when developing the Transition and ladies Traverse shoes. These are quite possibly the best gravity oriented clipless shoe that I’ve worn that still pedal extremely well.

Ride Concepts Transition Clipless Shoes

The Wolf’s Last Word

If you’re looking for an extremely durable clipless shoe that can handle the downhills without sacrificing on the ups, check the Ride Concepts Transitions out. With ample amounts of cleat adjustment, the right amount of rigidity to lay the power down but also the right amount of flex to allow you to hike the gnarliest of trails Ride Concepts has, in mountain biker’s terms, killed it.

I was most impressed by the all day comfort of the Transition. Although this is not the lightest or most rigid clipless shoe on the market I felt like I could use this shoe for just about any ride. My only issue with the Transition is one that has plagued other Ride Concepts shoes. They’re a little bit of a struggle to put on if you don’t loosen the laces substantially and completely undo the Velcro strap. Overall however, I found the Ride Concepts Transition to be a great gravity oriented clipless shoe and quite honestly, I could ride this shoe every day.

Price: $160
Website: Rideconcepts.com

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