Fox Legion LT Pant Review

Fox Legion LT Pant Review

Words by Matt “Marvis” Locascio | Photos by Samson Hatae

With the enduro and off-road market growing rapidly, we are starting to see a lot of brands that were born on the track making gear focused on the trails. As off-road and trail riders, we’re always looking for gear that simplifies our kits. Whether it’s the right hydration pack or an essential do-it-all trail tool kit, enduro riders don’t have the luxury of having a parked and stocked vehicle just 100 yards away. Fox Racing is arguably the most recognizable brand in the world, yet enduro and trail riders hadn’t been thrilled with their durability, fit and products for rides that led far away from the podium or pit area. Their new Legion Off Road line is designed to meet the needs of this growing rider segment and we have been excited to see how it’s held up. The one item that we keep coming back to and digging out of the gear bag rider after ride is the Legion LT Pant.

With a silhouette born on the track, the Legion LT Pant takes the Rider Attack Position™ (RAP) fit consistent throughout FOX’s line and combines it with more durable materials to create a pant that’s built for performance and longevity. Constructed out of an 850D polyester, the pants are fairly water resistant, which we appreciated during the typically wet fall and winter months in the Pacific North West. They’re not waterproof, but they’ll keep you dryer than most all-around pants. The trade off for that durability and water resistance is warmth in temperatures above 65-70 degree days. These pants are definitely not the ideal summer pant, but that’s ok because there are tons of other options that are.

Fox Legion LT Pant Review

The Fox Legion LT pants are reinforced in all the right areas, with leather knee panels to protect from heat and abrasion against knee braces, guards and your bike. Even with all the reinforcements, the pants retain great mobility, making them comfortable all day on the bike and for those moments off the bike scoping sections and helping your buddies up the trail.

Given the rugged construction of the pants, they are on the heavier side, but feature large easy to open vents which makes the LT Pant more versatile in maintaining comfort in changing weather conditions. Knee vents and mesh-backed logos offer additional breathability giving these pants a lot of function while maintaining style.

Our favorite feature on the Legion LT Pant has to be the cargo pockets. As simple as this addition is, this goes back to the beginning of the review when I talked about combining and simplifying our kits. The pockets allow me to keep items I consistently need such as a phone for trail maps, a goggle bag to wipe off the dirt and moister and most importantly, snacks easily available. Even with a more race cut pant, the pockets are designed in a way that makes items in the pocket not very noticeable when riding and a low enough on your hip that you won’t fall on them.

Fox Legion LT Pant Review

I’ve been riding with these pants weekly during the last fall and winter in the Portland and Bend, Oregon areas, and in mostly wet conditions. This season has been a mixture of the typical rain and snow ranging from 30-60-degrees.

Every ride is different up here and can be challenging given the weather conditions. The quick changes and dense forests will always put your gear to the test. Sometimes we’ll get a couple of sunny days with some hero dirt but most being wet and muddy with slippery routes and rock that have you sliding down the trail on and off your bike. Getting punished by the trail is all part of the fun.

The LT Pant has held up extremely well so far in these conditions. It’s been my go-to pant for months and has seen a lot of abuse getting smacked by trees and sliding down a few rock faces. Most of the pants I own have rips in the knees and these are still going strong with no rips or signs of damage.

The pockets work great too and mean I don’t have to take off my hydration pack nearly as much. By having my goggle bag, snack bar and phone easily accessible, I can keep the pack on and just enjoy the ride and quick stops along the way. It makes checking the trail maps and wiping off my goggles quick work.

The Wolf’s Last Word

I’ve been riding in gear from a bunch of different brands over the years, all with their strengths and weaknesses, but few have held up as well as the Fox Legion line. If you’re an avid trail or enduro rider that wants a pant that is durable and works great, then the Legion LT Pant is definitely worth a look. They’re very comfortable, great for all-day rides in challenging conditions and have decent ventilation. They are similar in many ways to the Alpinestars Venture R Pants we recently reviewed, but have the added benefit of the cargo pocket.

Overall I like the durability and understated graphics of Legion Off Road line. The focus on materials gives a premium look based on longevity and fit. In a space that’s crowded by sponsor logos and flashy branding, it’s refreshing to see that Fox has chosen a different path to focus on functional simple designs that look great. Just be aware that these pants have a seasonal life to them, once the temperatures get above 65-70 degrees, you’ll be looking for your summer kit.

Price: $129.95

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