Honey Stinger Mini Waffle Review

Honey Stinger Mini Waffles


Words by Drew Rohde | Photos by Dusten Ryen

I knew I was in trouble when a box from Honey Stinger arrived. Along with lots of new treats and gummies was a package of  new Honey Stinger Mini Waffles. If you’ve been around long enough you’re probably aware that I’ve got a major sweet tooth, and these nutritional treats were in serious danger of never even making it into my USWE trail pack before getting devoured. And as it worked out, that was in fact their sad fate…No beautiful views for influencers in the wild photos, no epic rides to brag about in my colon. Instead all they got was a bunch of fluorescent lights and a desk jockey poppin’ them like Tic Tac’s on prom night.

Since I’ve got no real performance-enhancing feedback, well, they did make me type really fast, I’ll just focus on the facts. Honey Stinger is based out of Colorado and has an interesting history. Originally founded as EN-R-G Bar by beekeeper Ralph Gamber and his wife Luella Gamber back in 1954, the couple sought to develop an alternative to unhealthy candy bars by creating a wholesome way to deliver energy. The two-ounce packets of natural honey worked well and although local athletes found benefits to the honey energy, the world just wasn’t quite ready for energy foods yet.

Honey Stinger Mini Waffle Review

Fast-forward to 2001 and Gamber descendants Bill Sr. and Bill Jr. along with Bob Stahl and John Miller re-established EN-R-G Foods, Inc in Steamboat Springs, Colorado under the name Honey Stinger. Although the times had changed, the goal was still to create energy foods with natural ingredients and benefits.

Each serving size is (sadly, just) three mini-waffles, which packs 130 calories, 6 grams of fat, 9g of sugar, 50mg of sodium, 18g of carbs and 1g of protein. The full ingredients list can be found on Honey Stinger’s website but organic wheat flour, organic palm fruit oil, organic brown rice syrup, organic sugar and organic honey lead the list.

Honey Stinger Mini Waffle Review

Luckily Honey Stinger sent us a pretty large box of goodies, so even though my fat ass ate the entire first package in the office over the course of a week, we uncovered a second pouch, which was hidden from me so we could get some photos for this review.

Honey Stinger’s Mini Waffles are arguably better than their full-sized waffles, and I like those too! The smaller waffles offer enough sustenance to take the edge off when hungry or when you’re exercising and need to maintain energy and fuel to perform.

We don’t have a lab to test how well the mixture of carbohydrates helped us perform compared to single form carbs, but the waffles certainly didn’t hurt when it came time to snack up. We could feel a little rejuvenation and slight excitement return to our tasks after the honey and carbs started moving around our system.

Honey Stinger Mini Waffle Review


We don’t claim to be nutritionists over here, heck, we don’t even think we’re all that healthy, but we try! What we can say however is, we like natural ingredients, we like the way these Mini Waffles taste and they certainly do the job of keeping our hunger at bay while also giving us a little boost of energy to keep doing what we’re doing. Two thumbs up.

Price: $7.99
Website: Honeystinger.com

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