2021 Propain Spindrift




Words by Robert Johnston | Photos by Adam Lievesley 

We were due to attend the press camp for the release of the Spindrift, held at a bike park in Austria, just over the border from Propain HQ in Germany. However, Covid-19 had other ideas. Thankfully, a well-timed return from a van trip in Italy meant I was able to drop in past the Propain HQ and collect a Spindrift for some pre-release testing.

Propain supplied a size Large running the mullet wheel set up – a 29” front triangle with a 650b rear end. A 190mm 29” Rockshox ZEB on the front paired with a Superdeluxe Ultimate coil to control the rear ends’ 180mm of travel signal the intentions of this “Super Enduro” / modern freeride beast. With Propain suggesting it was a pedal friendly machine, I was very excited to find out for myself how it would perform on my local trails.

2021 Propain Spindrift

My testing time prior to release was limited, to the extent that at the time of writing this I’m still not comfortable that my suspension and tyre set up is as good as it should be. One thing that is absolutely clear though is that the Spindrift pedals far better than a bike of its stature ever should. Not “good for its class”, just really bloody good. The seat angle puts you right in between the wheels, and weights the front wheel better than anything I’ve had the pleasure of testing, and the rear end remains firm under power. Close your eyes and lay down some watts on this thing and you’d never in a million years associate it with the freeride bikes we’re familiar with from yesteryear.

2021 Giant Bicycles Trance X Advanced Pro

In contrast, the huge ZEB on the front and progressive rear end encourage you to huck near enough everything on the way back down the hill, with the kind of complacency that you get on board your average downhill bike. You can’t look at a gnarly feature on this bike without feeling the urge to do it justice and send it, which has already had me ticking off some jumps that I’d previously been too chicken to hit.

It’s too early to say for sure that the Spindrift can blend enduro bike versatility with freeride capabilities and not present any compromises, but my first rides on this machine have me very excited to see exactly what it’s capable of. Stay tuned for my long term ride report coming to the site in the coming months. For now I’ll continue to strap on the full face and give it some!

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2021 Propain Spindrift




A bike that combines all the elements! – this idea was the motivation for the development of the first Spindrift almost 10 years ago, which quickly became a successful model. Contrary to the trends and the opinions in the industry, we launched the new edition of the 180mm freeride bike in 2016. Equipped with the revolutionary 1×11 drive train and a dropper post it was a real game changer. This success story is exemplary for PROPAIN – we do our own thing and build bikes the way we and our friends like them!

We have never rested on the success of the Spindrift. For 10 years we have used the experience we have gained combined with new ideas to continuously develop the bike in a way that it always meets our and the current requirements. This way the Spindrift perfectly combinates a wide range of riding characteristics and is an absolute fun machine! Over the years, the bike has been given new labels repeatedly – super enduro, touring freerider, park enduro… For us, however, it has been a real freerider ever since, but always on the cutting edge – as it will be for 2021.

2021 Propain Spindrift

PROPAIN has responded to the customer feedback and the Spindrift Model Year 2021 will be launched as a complete redesign:

  • Now available in carbon and aluminium
  • New wheel sizes 29″ and mixed. 27,5″ still available
  • New frame colours
  • Shock unit moved in front of the seat tube. Ideally integrated into the main frame
  • Modern geometry with flat steer and steep seat angle
  • New frame design: Form language is “clean and high-end”
  • Headtube batches and new decal colours selectable
  • Double sealed frame bearings (PROPAIN Dirt-Shields)
  • Bottle cage mounting possible
  • Internal cable routing

New SRAM UDH hanger system

2021 Giant Bicycles Trance X Advanced Pro

The essence of PROPAIN is the PRO10 system. With his mission to develop the best frame concept, Robert Krauss laid the foundation for it 12 years ago. Since then it has been the heart of our PROPAIN bikes and we are still 100% convinced of it. The functionality of the heart is therefore completely unchanged, but the shock is now positioned in front of the seat tube and perfectly integrated into the main frame. The new Spindrift is even more balanced and agile than before, due to the changed arrangement of the rear end.

2021 Propain Spindrift

The Spindrift also breaks new ground in the form language, as with the Tyee. Its modern design appears elegant, clean and at the same time aggressive. In the processing of the carbon we use the versatility of the material. Many visible edges and flowing shapes characterize the Spindrift’s appearance. With a love of detail, we have created a design that is tidy, noble and puristic. Small “undercoated” accents give the frame its elegant and clean look. In addition to new frame colors, the customer now also has the possibility to configure the headtube badge. As usual, the bike can also be further customized from a large selection of decal sets for every taste.

2021 Propain Spindrift Sketch


“The facts and figures already suggest that the bike performs well on the descent, but in reality, it will blow your mind, uphill and downhill!”
– Robert Krauss, CEO

“The Spindrift is the answer to the question – “Which bikes do I need?”. It’s only one bike! When friends invite me to go biking and I do not know what to expect, I always choose the Spindrift. Then it can be the flow trail but also to the bike park.”
– David Assfalg, CEO

“Full Send!!! Thanks to the new concept, the Spindrift fits perfectly in between the Tyee and the Rage. Uplift or pedalling up yourself? “Air Voltage” in Châtel or “Trailhunt” in Finale Ligure? No matter! If I could do splits between uphill and downhill as well as the Spindrift, I would be at the ballet.”
– Florian Gärtner, COO and Product Manager:

We created a freeride bike with 180mm travel that can still be super versatile, by combining a flat steering angle of 64.5° with a steep seat angle of 78° (effective) and a floating damper that is centrally located in the bike. Due to the many choices of wheel sizes, components and frame material, the bike can be set up very differently based on the purpose. As a serious bike park weapon by combining the aluminum version with coil shock or as a light Long Travel Super Enduro by using the carbon version with an air shock.

We are one of a few manufacturers that offers all three common wheel sizes for one model. This way, the Spindrift meets all possible preferences. Those who like it fast and rely on a smooth rolling behavior are well advised with 29” wheels. Those who like it more playful choose the 27.5″ option. With the mixed combination of a 29” front and 27.5″ rear wheel, the best of both worlds comes together – ideal for those who want to combine agility and performance. To make the best use of the characteristics of each wheel size, separate frames were developed for 29″ and 27.5″ wheels. The mixed version was realized with the combination of a 29″ main frame and a 27.5″ rear triangle.

The PRO10 system is known for its drive neutrality and with the new frame concept, we even optimized it once again. The Anti Squat has been raised from 60% to 120% compared to its predecessor, but the suspension nevertheless retains its sensibility and responses even to the smallest unevenness.

The progression of the rear end has been optimized and improved over the years on the predecessor models. The special feature: The suspension offers enough progression for coil shocks, but also harmonizes perfectly with air shocks. Due to its design, the rear triangle also offers optimum traction on every occasion.

It is amazing how well the Spindrift performs on the uphill – you never have the feeling of riding a big bike at any time. This is how our term “Granduro” came up. Due to the seat angle of 78° you have enough pressure on the pedal and plenty of momentum even on the steepest climbs.

2021 Propain Spindrift - Freeride aint dead


We are convinced that it is not enough to use “one” high-quality carbon fibre for a frame. Instead, it requires different carbon fibres and their various properties to meet the respective requirements. PROPAIN carbon frames are made of pre-impregnated (prepreg) carbon layers. Each with special properties and corresponding functions at a specific area of the frame. Based on the requirements for stiffness, flexibility, impact resistance, weight, strength and the direction of tension, different fibres and fabrics are used. PROPAIN uses only the highest quality materials. For example, the same carbon fibres are used for our frames as for the latest generation of aircraft parts.

2021 Giant Bicycles Trance X Advanced Pro Frameset

The frame consists of at least three different alloys, which together create the optimum combination of stiffness, strength and weight. Frame parts such as rockers and axles are made of 7075 T6 aluminum, which has a very high strength. For the tubes of the frame a more fatigue-resistant 6066 T6 aluminum is used. In addition, the milled and forged parts are made of 6061 T6 aluminum. Blend Alloy thus represents our special and unique manufacturing process and ensures the optimum performance of the lightweight frames.

2021 Propain Spindrift - Freeride aint dead

Today internal cable routing is standard on modern bikes. It is the cleanest, safest and above all the most beautiful way of routing cables. We take it to a new level by fitting the carbon frames with internal cable channels in which the cables run. This makes the routing super easy and noises in the frame are eliminated. With the new Spindrift, the cables run above the bottom bracket.

Selectable headtube badges newly added in three different colours: “Venomblack matte”, “Diamondblack gloss” and “Chrome gloss”.

2021 Giant Bicycles Trance X Advanced Pro

Better safe than sorry! The robust Acros frame bearings are additionally protected by the PROPAIN Dirt-Shields. An extra seal which protects the bearings from dust, water and dirt.

We also developed a new chain guide. The mount is not screwed but plugged onto the frame. This way it offers double protection. In the event of a hard impact from below, the bashguard absorbs the energy and transmits it to the frame over a large area. The frame is thus protected from damage and the bashguard can be easily replaced if necessary.

It is important to PROPAIN to assure an optimal protection of the frame ex works. Therefore, a newly developed down tube and chainstay protection is used, which can be easily replaced if necessary. The chainstay protection was also specifically designed by us. The vibrations of the chain are absorbed by different materials and thus noises and a rocking of the chain is prevented.

We have improved the damper transmission ratio and now longer dampers can be fitted to make even better use of the spring travel. This way the most common shocks are compatible.

The new Spindrift frame is suitable for attaching side-load bottle cages.

2021 Propain Spindrift - Freeride aint dead


When selecting components, we continued to focus on a large and high-quality variety from which everyone can configure their dream bike. In addition to the new RockShox ZEB and Fox 38 we also offer the new SRAM Eagle 52, carbon wheels from Crankbrothers and the new range of Schwalbe tires. The new Magura Performance brake discs and longer seat posts from Bikeyoke and Fox complete the package.

The customizing options are extended by various rise-options for handlebars and stem lengths. Besides the individual customization option, we also offer three pre-configured models (Start, Performance, High-End), which simplify the selection of the bike and represent a recommendation by PROPAIN.

The “Start” model is available at a price of 3.199 EUR for the carbon version, 2.599 EUR for the aluminum version.

Spindrift Carbon: can be ordered from 28th of September 2020
Spindrift Aluminium: available for order from November 2020
The Spindrift is available in North-America from end 2020. Dollar-Prices are to be announced.

Frame weight (in size L, 29″)

  • Carbon 3,0kg
  • Aluminium 3,9kg

Total weight (in size L, 29″, High-End Spec with coil)

  • Carbon 15,1kg
  • Aluminium 16,0kg
2021 Propain Spindrift - Freeride aint dead


Fork: Rockshox ZEB R / 180mm
Shock: Rockshox Select R Coil / 180mm

Handlebar: Sixpack Millenium 805
Stem: Sixpack Vertic 35
Seatpost: Propain Sattelstutze
Saddle: Sixpack Kamikaze

Shifters: SRAM GX Eagle (1×12)
Derailleur: SRAM GX Eagle (1×12)
Brakes: SRAM G2 R / 203mm
Cassette: SRAM XG-1275 Eagle 10-52 (1×12)
Crankset: Truvativ Descendant Alu / 170mm / 32t

Wheels: Propain ZTR Flow S1
Tires: Schwalbe Magic Mary

2021 Propain Spindrift - Freeride aint dead


Fork: Rockshox ZEB Ultimate / 190mm
Shock: Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate RCT Coil / 180mm

Handlebar: Sixpack Millenium 805
Stem: Sixpack Vertic 35
Seatpost: Bike Yoke Revive
Saddle: Sixpack Kamikaze

Shifters: SRAM XO1 Eagle (1×12)
Derailleur: SRAM XO1 Eagle (1×12)
Brakes: SRAM Code RSC / 200mm
Cassette: SRAM XG-1275 Eagle 10-52 (1×12)
Crankset: Truvativ Descendant Carbon / 170mm / 32t

Wheels: Stan’s NoTubes Flow EX3 Enduro
Tires: VEE Flow SNAP Trail

2021 Propain Spindrift - Freeride aint dead


Fork: Fox 38 Factory Kashima / 180mm
Shock: Fox DHX2 Factory / 180mm

Handlebar: Sixpack Millenium Carbon 805
Stem: Sixpack Millenium 35
Seatpost: Fox Factory Transfer
Saddle: Sixpack Kamikaze

Shifters: SRAM XO1 Eagle AXS (1×12)
Derailleur: SRAM XO1 Eagle AXS (1×12)
Brakes: Magura MT7 / 203mm
Cassette: SRAM XG-1295 Eagle 10-52 (1×12)
Crankset: SRAM XO1 Carbon / 170mm / 32t

Wheels: Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro Carbon i9
Tires: Schwalbe Magic Mary


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