Welcome back to an exciting episode with the Hempdogg! We apologize for the small break with a media hiccup, we are back on track to deliver what you have all been waiting for. Today, we feature some great news.

It’s funny how some things work out sometimes. To back up a little and give you a quick breakdown of how these events lead up to each other. We were running some shuttles with Logan Bingelli and I ended up busting another rear wheel coming up short on a jump. A gentleman named Norm had his bike on the rack and told me, “take my bike out, try to break this thing”. That bike was a XL Fezzari La Sal Peak. I said ” Really? Right after I break my bike, okay!’. We set it up real quick and I ripped some laps. Was very surprised and stoked on how it rode. Norm let me borrow it for a week, I met with a few other people who had some of their bikes locally and was hyped on the company. Couple weeks later after meeting with some people and talking to Fezzari, a dream came true.

They asked me to drive to headquarters and finalize the agreement. Take a ride on one of the most exciting days of my life. Thanks for watching! Shout out to Ride Concepts and Schwalbe Tires for making this possible!

In the Next Episode, we go to Tennessee National at Windrock Bike Park! Stay tuned!