Fly Racing Kinetic Bicycle Pant Review
Fly Racing Kinetic Bicycle Pant Review


Review by Sourpatch
Photos by Dusten Ryen

Established in 1998, Fly Racing got their start in the off-road motorcycle world and, like many, have expanded their offerings to the bicycle world. Fly Racing Pants can be seen on tons of riders at BMX tracks all over the country, but an old friend at Fly offered a set for us to try out as he’d been using them on his spring mountain bike rides. Along with a ton of BMX-race gear, the brand has worked to develop some mountain bike gear that we’re excited to be testing over the coming months, but for now, let’s review Fly Racing’s Kinetic Bicycle Pants.

Fly Racing Kinetic Bicycle Pant Review

Fly Racing really thought out the construction and features used in the Kinetic pants. The race pedigree is apparent as these are a very slim fitting pant. Here is the list of ingredients for an easily digestible breakdown.

  • Comfort mesh liner helps keep you comfortable and cool.
  • Multi-directional stretch-rib panels for flexibility
  • Internal pocket located inside the waistband.
  • 2 Large zippered pockets on thighs
  • Upper pant: Ultra-durable multi-panel 600D construction that is durable and breathable.
  • Lower leg: Lightweight breathable P200 4-way stretch material for better fit and feel.
  • 7 breathable stretch panels
  • Adjustable waist belt design for custom fit
  • Tapered lower leg allows for less material and better fit.
  • Full-Floating seat surrounded by stretch-rib material moves naturally with your body.
  • Ratcheting Fly closure allows for adjustability.
  • Ergonomically pre-shaped knee generously contoured to accommodate most types of knee braces and guards.

As a person who likes riding in downhill pants, I was super excited to add a new pair of DH pants to the old gear bag, let alone my first pair of Fly Racing pants. My first impression when I pulled the pants out of the bag was, “Damn, these look fast,” which is a good thing because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you ride good-er. I had some initial concerns with the tightness of the calves and knee area and whether I would be able to fit my G-Form E-Line knee pads into them. That concern was quashed quickly thanks to the 4-way stretch material used in the legs of the Kinetic Pants. Though the pants were snug around the pads, there have yet to be any signs of mobility issues. Addressing the fit, I usually bounce between a size 32 and 34, which makes it hard to gauge sizing with certainty. That said, the pants we received were a 32 and they are a bit snug on me when I wear my padded riding shorts, even with the adjustments completely open. I wish I would have gotten a 34, but the 32 won’t slow me down any…I just need to maybe cool it on the nightly candy snacking, maybe.

On the bike, the ventilation and breathability of the Kinetic pants is excellent, even on those longer days in the eBike saddle. The laser cut holes paired with the breathable fabric allow for optimum airflow. Fly’s pocket placement on the Kinetic pants is a bit of a double-edged sword. The pockets are placed on top of the thigh, versus the sides like some other riding pants. If you ride with your phone or anything else in your pocket, having the contents stored on top of your thigh is much more comfortable than if it were on the side. The tradeoff of the thigh-top pocket positioning is that it is a little more difficult to get things out with how fitted the pants are, although my large phone and hands could have been working against me here.

Bonus points to Fly for going fully sublimated with the Kinetic pant, this route will allow for the pants to look better longer. There is no having to worry about screen printing or heat transferred logos peeling off the pants if you fall, or if you are like me and take the lazy approach to doing laundry and just throw everything in the washer and dryer.

Fly Racing Kinetic Bicycle Pant Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

If you prefer riding pants over shorts, it is safe to say that the Fly Racing Kinetic Bicycle Pants are going to be right up your alley, and a steal at $111.99 to boot. Fly’s Kinetic pants are extremely comfortable while maintaining an impressive amount of durability, while still maintaining a classic look that will last multiple riding seasons, as long as you’re not scrubbing through manzanita on a regular basis. It is easy to see why the Kinetic pants are one of Fly Racing’s most popular items and regularly sold out. The slim, performance-race fit offers a light feel and there is just enough room to clear my padded riding shorts and G-Form E-Line knee pads. Be warned however that you may have some issues if you have thicc thighs and a donka donk.

Price: $111.99
28 – 38
Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Grey

We Dig

Look Great
Pocket Placement

We Don’t

Pockets can be tough to get in to
Should have sized up
Thick riders may have issues


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