Backcountry Summerlin Pant Review


Words by Drew Rohde
Photos by Dusten Ryen

Based around a comfortably soft, yet abrasion resistant cotton, the Backcountry Summerlin Pant has quickly become a go-to pant for hiking, chores around the house or even a casual dinner out. Being a guy that normally wears Levi’s denim, or stiffer Levi’s denim, slipping into the Summerlin pants is a welcome treat. says these pants were built to be an outdoor-worthy performance piece that still blends contemporary style for more casual outings and events, and we would say they hit the nail right on the head.

Part of’s recycled and repurposed collection, the material is made up of partially recycled, stretchy cotton. Upon first touching the pants, we were impressed with the softness of the material, and honestly were not sure just how well it would hold up to our abusive tendencies. However, a limited lifetime warranty certainly instills a bit of confidence that these things will do as promised.

Backcountry Summerlin Pant Review

The blend is 67% cotton, 31% Repreve TruTemp365 and 2% spandex. It is a nice mix and makes for a super comfy pant that has done well on hikes, work in the bike shop and even playing a round of golf. They’re not your overly technical, hot weather hiking pant, but they don’t look like it either, and that’s a good thing. We are not big fans of super techy gear and do not want to look like extreme birdwatchers.

The regular fit and straight leg of the Backcountry Summerlin pants makes only adds to their casual appearance and versatility. Backcountry gives the pants a 31in inseam, two hand pockets, a zippered concealed pocket up front with two rear pockets and one concealed yoke pocket. A zipper and button closure system keep the pants closed up and belt loops ensure they stay up.

Backcountry Summerlin Pant Review

It did not take long for me to realize these pants were going to be spending a lot of time around my waist. I did not even bother washing them as they felt soft and comfy enough out of the bag. Plus, in the name of science, I wanted to get right to testing as quickly as possible. I have since washed the pants about 3 times, done everything from multi-day road trips with up to 12 hours in the driver’s seat to hiking with a baby carrier on to working on bikes in the garage and riding the neighborhood pumptrack. As I said above, as guy who pretty much exclusively wears rigid and cuffed denim pants, the Summerlin pants are like wearing silk boxers after spending a life in a burlap sack. I love the feel of the fabric, the weight is just enough to feel substantial yet still offers a bit of breathability and performance when I want to be active.

Backcountry Summerlin Pant Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

I have a tendency to put fashion above function and so I’m very picky about what I wear. Pants like the Summerlin make me realize I do not have to pick between being hot or uncomfortable and looking “cool.” With a variety of colors, a casual cut and fit, hikers, riders and all-around casual beings can enjoy a comfortable pair of pants that will do whatever, whenever. These have easily and quickly become some of my favorite pants for just about everything. Backcountry have nailed it with their Summerlin pants, from their use of partially recycled material to the colors, fit and comfort to the durability and performance. I may have to get myself another pair or two in different colors, so people do not start thinking I only have one pair of pants. That gets me thinking…I wonder if Backcountry could make a pair that look like denim?

Price: $99.95 (On sale for $59.95)
Colors: Medal bronze, Ebony, Olive Night (tested)

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We Dig

Performance meets casual
Recycled material

We Don’t

Shallow rear pocket


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