SHRED Amazify MTB+ Goggle Review


Review by Alex Sardella

As bikes get burlier and trails get faster, a full-face lid is common for most riders with longer travel bikes. Every full-face helmet needs a nice pair of goggles to complement it, and having a dialed piece of eyewear is key for general eye protection and overall trail vision. Shred makes eyewear for both the ski and mountain bike categories, so having some crossover is key when it comes to designing a MTB specific goggle. After receiving a pair of Shred’s Amazify MTB+ Goggles, I packed up my gear bag, loaded up my bike, and made my way over to the bike park for some hot laps.

SHRED Amazify MTB+ Goggle Review

SHRED.s Amazify MTB+ Goggles are packed with features that make them stand out and keep your eyes happy on the trail. The SHREDWIDE™ view is a cylindrical style lens which is designed to maximize the rider’s peripheral views. CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS™ technology, or CBL as Shred calls it, provides a heightened image contrast and detailed definition for on trail surfaces and the mixture of light conditions. Visible Light Transmission, VLT, is a common term in the Goggle world, and essentially means the amount of light being transferred through the lens – 0% would mean a brick wall, and 100% would be air. The Amazify Goggles tested had a green tint with a VLT of 21%. This is quite a dark tint but provided somewhat of a happy medium for our test conditions, with most trails being a fair mix of shaded woods and exposed suns up here in Northern California.

The Amazify MTB+ Goggles are OTG compatible, letting you run prescription glasses underneath. SHRED. has equipped the goggles with a hydrophobic coating on the vents they call NOCLOG™, which should help to ensure foggy goggles are a thing of the past. Further aiding the fog-resistance is the use of a dual lens, common in the snow world. This effectively insulates the inner lens from the outside air, reducing the effects of temperature differentials that can encourage condensation. It’s great to see that 84% of the goggle strap is made from recycled plastic, so kudos to Shred for doing their part. Speaking of the strap, it features two thin silicon stripes on the interior to help grip to the helmet. The goggles weigh 150 grams and will run you $119.95. The Goggles come in one size and should fit helmets size M-XL. With the purchase you will receive a soft goggle case and additional clear lens. An additional lens on its own will be around $29.99.

SHRED Amazify MTB+ Goggle Review

SHRED. did a solid job with the lens shape, design and color – I was definitely a fan of the dark green. Sometimes mixing and matching goggle and helmet brands can be tricky but the Amazify Goggles fit seamlessly into my Fox Proframe lid. SHRED.’s Contrast Boosting Lens provides a clear and crisp image, both just popping on the goggles before dropping in, or at speed cruising down the trail.

The CBL 21% tint on the lens is ideal for summertime bike park laps as it is never too dark nor never too bright out on the trail, honestly a perfect blend. If it’s going to be overcast, or if you are sneaking in some post work shuttles at sunset, pop in the clear lens SHRED. includes with the purchase and you are good to go. The changeover process was relatively simple, it just takes a few times to figure out the click in/out system for the lens like many others.

I have never used a SHRED. lens before and was suitably impressed with the lens quality and wide-angle view. Compared to big players like Oakley’s Prizm Technology or Smith’s Chromapop, it was refreshing to see trails in a new light. I did notice the foam used on the inside of the goggle was a tad warm. The goggles have a few air holes toward the top of the frame, but the foam is still warm against the skin. The NOCLOG™ technology has held up to its name well however. After a bunch of bike park days wearing the goggles – hiking features, popping your helmet on/off for chairlift rides, in and out of gondolas, the goggles have yet to fog up once! Impressive. There aren’t too many color options, which is only a small style gripe of mine, but it would be nice to see a few additional color styles to match the kit.

SHRED Amazify MTB+ Goggle Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

The SHRED. Amazify MTB+ Goggles are a worthy piece of eyewear that provide a clean view through the CBL technology. The goggles come in on the pricier side but the quality of the lens is there, and the anti-fog provisions are very effective, though I’d like to see an easier way to change out the lens for this price (magnetic). If you are in the market for a well-made goggle with a superior lens, SHRED.’s Amazify MTB + might just be for you.

Price: $119.95
Weight: 150g

We Dig

Lens optics
NOCLOG™ Anti Fog Technology
Additional Lens with purchase

We Don’t



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