ODI Elite Pro Lock-On Grip Review


Review by Drew Rohde | Photos by Dusten Ryen

We’ve received several test bikes equipped with ODI Elite Pro Lock-On grips over the last couple of years and realized, we’ve never actually taken the time to talk about a grip that we’ve never taken off and replaced with something else. It’s not that they’re the best grip and everyone loves them, it’s just that nobody hates them or has anything negative to say about them. While there may be grips out there that could be better for a specific application, or offer a slimmer, more in-tune feel, the Elite Pro grips work well across the board for a wide range of riders and make comfort a priority. If you’re looking for a grip with some cushion, unique design elements and still offers some impressive traction, check this review out.

Made in the USA, ODI’s Elite Pro Lock-On v2.1 grips boast an ergonomic design that offers some conformity under-hand without being excessively bulky all the way around. On the top side of the grip, ODI placed raised squares with diagonal ribs on the grip to offer an element of cushion and deformation to help increase comfort. On the underside of the grip, a traditional half-waffle pattern for extra grip and control in certain situations. The rest of the grip features a knurl pattern to provide a consistent feel around the palm. ODI gives version 2.1a new single clamp lock-on system along with a molded, reinforced end.

ODI Elite Pro Lock-On Grip Review

With the various types of textures and raised portions, the ODI Elite Pro is like a mix of having a large diameter grip where you want it and a thinner grip where you don’t. I absolutely love thin grips as they give me the bar feel, control and sensitivity I want. Too big of grips fatigue my fingers while reaching for the brakes, but thinner grips fatigue my hands as they lack the cushion to help extend the comfort I seek on long descents.

With the Elite Pro grips, I feel like I have the thicker, cushion where I want it under my hand while standing up and weighting my hands, but I also have a thinner grip all around those raised pads. The half-waffle pattern is a tried-and-true design and offers some of the best traction for riders who lean back or yank on their bars hard.

Some of my favorite grips are the Ergon GFR1 and Ergon GE1 Evo. I love the thin GFR1 for that “Race Day” feel as they’re super thin, offer a great bar feel and grip. They are not however ideal for back-to-back days in Whistler (or many other) Bike Parks as they don’t offer much cushion for the pushin. That’s where the GE1 Evo grips take a bit of a lead. Compared to the GE1 Evo grips, the ODI Elite Pro Lock-On grips are on par from a comfort perspective but may take a slight edge in terms of traction, or grip when my hands are sweaty. Some may find the raised cushion section of squares offers a bit of play, resulting in an occasionally vague feel at the bars. There’s nothing that comes for free, so that extra material that aids in comfort, is what squirms and moves under-hand.

ODI Elite Pro Lock-On Grip Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

Depending on the type of grip you are looking for, these could be an option worth trying out. Comfort and grip are both solid on the ODI Elite Pro grips and we’ve had four different riders all put time on them without much in terms of truly negative feedback. They aren’t the most precise-feeling grip and the raised comfort blocks could squirm a bit much for some riders looking for a minimalist grip. I personally like the mixed feel of having a slightly thicker grip where I wanted the cushion but a thinner grip around the fingers to reduce finger fatigue.

Overall, these are a solid option for a lot of riders as I believe most people are going to prefer the slight tradeoff in squirm for the cushion and comfort they provide.

Price: $28.95
Website: ODIgrips.com

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We Dig

Cushion where you need it
Made in USA

We Don’t

Slight squirm under-palm


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