Leatt Trail 3.0 Jacket Review


Review by Alex Sardella | Photos by Vinnie Zacha-Herthel

Our friends at Leatt have been making quality goods for two wheels since the mid-2000’s. What started as a neck brace, has now evolved into a head-to-toe range for both moto and mountain bike. It’s nice to see Leatt separate the two divisions, although there is crossover, the enthusiast in each sport is often looking for something different from both function and fashion standpoints. Leatt sent us gear to keep us fresh riding through the winter, and with all-time conditions in the Sierra Nevada foothills, I’ve been getting plenty of testing in.

The lineup of 2022 gear from Leatt is both tech heavy and eco-friendly. Upon arrival, each item is in a sustainable poly bag that is biodegradable and made from soy-inks, meaning no plastics in the packaging. There is a big focus on sustainable efforts for Leatt’s lineup this year, we are stoked to see the international brand making that a priority.

First up is the All Mtn 2.0 Jacket – a stylish windbreaker to take out on the mild or slightly wet days. To start, the jacket features 5k water resistant and Leatt’s HydraDri technology. By no means is this Goretex, but for the California days with light rain, it does the job. The fabric is seemingly durable and has a 360-stretch allowing it to be comfortable maneuvering around on the bike. Leatt claims it can pack into the chest pocket for easy storage, however I had a tough time stuffing it into its own pocket. The All Mtn 2.0 Top comes in the same range of sizes, XS – XL, three different colors, and is priced at a justifiable $129.99.

Leatt Trail 3.0 Jacket Review

Next we have the MTB Trail 3.0 Jacket, a high performance and quality top built for both the pub and the trail. This piece is new to Leatt’s lineup and is designed for the sub-40-degree days on the bike. There is a moderately insulated front panel on the chest and shoulders for warmth, with a lighter material on the arms and back for a breathable and practical trail fit. The 3.0 MTB Jacket is available in sizes XS – 3XL, three colors, and comes in at $149.99.

Both jackets boast some of the same features including magnets on two parts of the hood which help keep it from flapping around at trail speed. Leatt includes a stick-on magnet to adhere to the top of your helmet to keep the hood fastened onto your helmet – kind of neat. The hood is spacious with a tall collar and can easily fit over the helmet keeping you dry from the top down. Lastly, there is a ClimbVent feature on both jackets so when you can’t decide if you are too hot or cold on the climb up, you can unzip the jacket and button up the middle of it which will add a breeze.

To round out the kit, Leatt has our legs covered with the MTB Enduro 3.0 Pants which blend comfort and performance. The pants are well constructed with reinforced stitching and have a 4 way stretch that goes well on and off the bike. There are 5 total pockets so the pants feel a bit more like cargo pants, if you’re a big on trail snacks you will love all the storage options. There are pockets at each hip, one on each thigh, and a phone pocket on the lower back above the belt loops. The pants will be able to fit mostly all riders coming in sizes XS – 3XL (28”-40”) and are an affordable $99.99. One thing of note is I am a size 32/33 waist and opted for the size Medium.

Leatt 2022 Cold Weather Range

All the gear is dialed and well-made, there’s no way around it. We’ve enjoyed watching Leatt build out a complete MTB line over the years, in addition to their large Moto offerings. Both Jackets feature a nice 5K waterproof finish, so the jackets do a solid job in keeping you warm, but we would like to see a step up in the way of waterproofness – especially on the All Mtn Windbreaker with that $130 price tag. For me, the jacket will be a great addition to my winter riding kit, but for riders in wet, rainy climates, it could be a hinderance.

The All Mtn 2.0 Jacket is one of the nicer lifestyle/riding jackets I’ve seen from a bike company. It bridges the gap between riding and out in the town – trail casual is what I am calling it. Although the jacket is designed for colder days, I’d look to this piece on a chilly spring day in the mountains. It’s well designed, fits properly, and the large hood offers plenty of room for an over the helmet fit. This piece might be better suited for cold shuttle days rather than xc rides.

I’m wearing pants more and more on mild to cold days, especially ones that tick all the boxes – breathable, comfortable, and with an ergonomic fit on the bike. Having additional coverage over the knees and shins can be nice in tight singletrack or if you happen to wash out. The pants look pretty muted, with minimal branding and a good fit on and off the bike. The Enduro 3.0 pants have more pockets than I am used to, making them feel a little bulky at times, so if you are looking for a cargo-style pant with additional pockets, the Leatt 3.0 Pants will be just for you.

Leatt 2022 Cold Weather Range

The Wolf’s Last Word

The new 2022 gear from Leatt is some of our favorite yet. It’s functionable, stylish, and comes in a huge range of sizes for Male, Female, and Youth. Leatt hasn’t cut any corners with the quality of any of these pieces. Sometimes when a companies’ offerings get too large, craftsmanship can take a hit – but  we’ve seen none of this happening yet. Out of all three of the pieces, I dig the Trail 3.0 Jacket the most, its casual for off the bike but functional on it, offering a unique style of jacket that we don’t see from most brands. Winter is far from over, so we’re stoked to ‘look good ride good’ out on the trails in the coming months.

MTB Trail 3.0 Jacket – $149.99
All Mtn 2.0 Jacket – $129.99
MTB Enduro 3.0 Pants – $99.99

Website: Leatt.com

Disclosure: Our team selects all of the products we review and do so with honesty and objectivity in mind. Some of the products we receive come directly from Competitive Cyclist, who also value our readers and have offered them a 15% discount (exclusions apply) on their first purchase by using LOAMWOLF15. Through this program we may also receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support, TLW.

We Dig

High Quality, Performance
Jackets/Pants look good together
Pants have a lot of pockets
Stout offering of colors, sizes
Eco friendly threads, packaging

We Don’t

Pants may have too many pockets for some
Added waterproofing to All Mtn 2.0 Jacket


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