Osmo Nutrition Rapid Recovery Protein Powder Review


Review by Drew Rohde

Osmo Nutrition’s Rapid Recovery protein powder mix showed up just in time. I was cramming workouts like a frat bro before Spring Break in preparation for our 4th Annual eMTB Shootout. With long days of riding on the horizon I was trying to not only maximize office time but also getting out on the bike and hitting the gym to build stamina for our 14-day test period. Needless to say, I powered through the Osmo Rapid Recovery protein tub in short order.

If you’re a rider who’s looking for a supplement to aid in recovery by helping your muscles and body recoup so you can get back on the trails stronger and faster, this could be a product worth considering.

Osmo Nutrition Rapid Recovery Protein Powder Review


Osmo Nutrition says their Rapid Recovery protein mix holds a unique combination or carbs, proteins, and to our surprise, some caffeine as well. Osmo claims the small amount of caffeine has been shown to accelerate glycogen replacement by 66% over carbs and protein alone. I’m not sure exactly if my body noticed, but I definitely drank some right before bed and didn’t have any trouble falling asleep.

Osmo’s Rapid Recovery protein powder consists of both whey isolate and micellar casein, which are proven to help with muscular breakdown post-workout. For those unfamiliar with protein drinks or types of proteins, by combining two different forms, Osmo can help athletes recover in stages. Whey protein is a fast-acting protein, which helps directly after the workout. Casein is a longer-lasting protein and helps with keeping your body fueled and recovering over long periods of time, such as nighttime while you sleep.

For best results, Osmo suggests consuming their Rapid Recovery protein mix within 30 minutes of a workout and while I used it with oat and cow milk, it can also be mixed with water.

Osmo Nutrition Rapid Recovery Protein Powder Review


I fully realize that testing nutritional products, especially over such a short period and without scientific help is little more than anecdotal, nevertheless, here’s my take on Osmo’s Rapid Recovery powder. With only 14 servings per tub, I wished the number of servings was greater. This would have likely allowed me a longer period to notice bigger gains but also would better incentivize me to buy a refill. The plus side to a smaller tub is that I can pack it easier and take it with me on the many trips I go on.

Compared to other whey I’ve regularly been using, I found the sugar content and serving size to protein ratio to be a bit higher. I wished there was a bit more protein per serving size and a bit less added sugar, but I was quite pleased with the Osmo Rapid Recovery protein overall. When comparing Osmo’s value to other larger containers of whey protein you may find at a supplement shop, the value may not be there. I do like traveling with a smaller tub as it doesn’t take up as much room, but it doesn’t last long. A $45 2-lb tub or Gold AllWhey for example lasts longer, and a 32g serving gives you 24g of protein with zero added sugars whereas the $35 1lb tub of Osmo gives you 17g of protein in a 41g serving size.

Moving on to the experience of using the product, I had no complaints. The Osmo Rapid Recovery mix was easy on my stomach, and I did not develop any bloating, gas, or discomfort, which is always a plus. The caffeinated claims seem to make sense as the slight amount peps up the body to actively recover but I did not notice it affected my mood or brain. I was happy about that as it allowed me to consume it in the morning, mid-day or just before bed without issue.

Taste was also very good, at least in the chocolate flavor I had. I mixed it in my morning smoothies, oatmeal and drank it alone with oat and cow milk just fine. If not properly shaken or stirred it can be a little grainy at the bottom of the cup, but the taste is so good, it didn’t bother me any.

I didn’t have any scientific testing to validify output, or lifting gains, changes in performance or size of muscle comparisons, but I did use the entire tub and pay attention to my body. By the end of my two-week workout and Osmo protein cram period, I did feel stronger and notice an increase in muscle size.

Osmo Nutrition Rapid Recovery Protein Powder Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

While plenty of studies have shown that athletes can expect strength gains and improved recovery by taking supplemental protein, like Osmo’s Rapid Recovery protein mix, I can’t definitively say how much stronger I got or how much more my muscles recovered than without taking it. What I can say is that over the two-week period of heavy training and consuming this product, I did get stronger and noticed that my power and size of muscles was increasing slightly day by day. Also, on back-to-back ride days, I felt that the supplementation helped me recover a bit more so I could keep riding day after day without that “dead leg” feeling.

While I addressed my value and ratio concerns above, I do think Osmo has some good things going for it and the taste is great. I will likely consider getting another tub to alternate in with my usual protein mix on days I want to change it up.

Price: $35
Website: Osmonutrition

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Seems to work
No Stomach/Digestion issues

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Value ratio
Don’t have large tubs


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