Fox Ranger Women's Apparel Review


Review by Marissa Krawczak | Photos by Sourpatch

It is springtime here in Central Oregon, meaning hot days in the sunshine and cold temps in the shadows of the trees and at night. Striking a balance in confusing weather can often lead to a kit crisis when it comes to deciding what to wear out on the bike. To help relieve the stress for Spring 2022, Fox has created a new and improved Ranger clothing collection and sent a couple of the items over for me to try out. After I was done snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor during the day, I grabbed the fresh threads and put them to the test in the late afternoons and evenings out on the bike over the last couple months, and now I’m ready to share my thoughts.

Fox Ranger Women's Apparel Review


Womens Ranger SS Moth Jersey
The Women’s Ranger Moth Jersey is a short sleeve jersey with mountain bike-specific tailoring. Part of the bike-specific fit includes the back being longer than the front, allowing for better coverage when leant forwards in the saddle. It is made with 100% TruDri fabric that should keep you dry by whisking sweat away from your body as you ride. TruDri is a recycled polyester interlock fabric, which means the inside of the jersey looks exactly the same as the outside. The Women’s Ranger SS Moth Jersey is available in sizes XS – XL and comes in Bone and Dark Shadow, with a retail price of $54.95.

Fox Ranger Women's Apparel Review

Womens Ranger Pants
The Women’s Ranger pants are designed to fit for performance while out riding the bike but retain good looks to relax in comfort off of the bike. They have an ultra-light build with stretch fabric that is pedal friendly yet durable. The tapered leg eliminates excess material to reduce snags on the bike and from trailside shrubbery. The slim silhouette adds to the streetwear style look of the pants as well as the khaki-colored colorway. For functionality, the Ranger pants include two strategically placed zippered hand-pockets, and a slim glide-buckle adjustable belt. The Women’s Ranger pants are available in sizes XS – XL in a choice of Black or Khaki and will run you $109.95.

Fox Ranger Women's Apparel Review


When I received the Moth jersey, I was excited to try the new color, Bone, to contrast my usual black apparel. I am a size Large in women’s clothing and this jersey in Large is nice and baggy in the body for me. The sleeves have a nice length for coverage over the shoulders and down the arm but are a little bit snug around the biceps and in the shoulders, so got bunched up pretty easily with any arm movement. Overall, the jersey was a little too snug in the shoulders and circumference of the sleeves around the arms compared to other women’s bike jerseys, and in the future I would like to see a better fitting women’s size Large jersey from Fox. The fabric was really comfortable and soft against the skin and dried fast when I was sweating. Fit and fabric aside, the Moth jersey could not get away with being streetwear, but that’s okay because we are here to bike and the jersey performed just fine for biking.

The Ranger pants were as comfortable as my favorite cozy pants, and the stretchy fabric made me not want to take them off. The hip area was roomy for me, which was perfect as they aren’t yoga pants, they are bike pants. I really liked the tapered fit of the legs and thoughtful seams by the knees. I felt totally comfortable wearing them off the bike to hang out on the back porch or at the park, as they were thinner than the usual bike pant and move well with you. They actually reminded me of outdoor hiking pants because of the super light canvas-like material and light swish, but in a street-friendly, less “outdoorsy” style, that still retains the space for a knee pad. The pockets did fit a phone and the placement puts the phone right on the top of the leg, but I didn’t notice it at all when pedaling around. Because of the light material, anything in the pockets, as well as knee pads underneath, are easily visible from the outside, but when the bottom line is function this doesn’t matter very much. One thing I would like to see improved on these pants is where to put the excess belt material, as currently it is really hard to fit into its intended storage hole on the waist. I ended up just wearing the belt hanging down — which in the end doesn’t really look that bad if you’re into a relaxed, sporty style – but it’s frustrating all the same. Overall, I really liked how different the Ranger pants were from the normal heavy duty bike pants, and when I wore them to chill with my girlfriends that don’t bike,I got raving compliments on how cute they looked. So, if you are like me, and choose a functional closet so you can hop on the bike at any moment, I highly recommend the women’s Ranger pants.

The Wolf’s Last Word

New colors are always exciting, but Fox took it a step further with the Ranger pants and I was left feeling super impressed with the quality and functionality. The Moth jersey is pretty standard for the price, but if it fits you, it will last forever. This kit looks good, and I will definitely be rocking the Ranger pants this spring and summer, as they are versatile, lightweight and super-cute.

Jersey: $54.95
Pants: $109.95


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We Dig

Streetwear style of pants
New Bone color way

We Don’t

Fit of jersey in shoulders
Belt excess in pants


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