Photos by Kieran Cooper

Some might say that mountain biking and painting have nothing in common, but artist and shredder Max Nerurkar would say otherwise. In his latest edit, Making Marks, the Cannondale Waves Crew rider brings together Max’s two passions — art and riding — in a flash of creativity, style, color and positivity.

Always a rider, Max discovered his fondness for painting while nursing injuries and taking time off from his bike and board. Battling depression from months of recovery, art provided a therapeutic release that only his riding had previously matched.

Whereas most cyclists would think of mountain biking as a sport, Max approaches it more as an art form; an expression of the similarities he finds between riding and painting. It’s easy to watch Max ride and label him a pro mountain biker, but he’ll quickly correct you to share that he’s an artist who happens to also use the trail as a canvas.

Max Nerurkar: “I have found many parallels between painting and riding. The one I find most useful is that a mistake is not a failure, it is a teaching point, something we can learn from. This helps me stay positive and I find I learn more from my mistakes than my victories. I also find that both painting and riding allow me to follow a more adventurous path as opposed to a race or similar. Having the choice to go my own direction increases my wonder and lessens my fatigue.” 

In Making Marks, we invite you to join us for a typical day in Max’s life, complete with awe-inspiring trail and canvass skills.

Cannondale Making Marks Video
Cannondale Making Marks Video


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