Video/Photo Credit: Ben Linderman
Additional footage: Matt Johnson, Wesley Clark, USA BMX

Alabama Slamma tells the story of Barry Nobles, a highly decorated BMX racer from the small town of Wetumpka, Alabama. Barry discovered his passion for two wheels at just 3 years old after his dad bought him a 12-inch bike to ride with his friends. Not long after, Barry was digging jumps in his family’s backyard after school and racing on the weekends.

However, to only mention Barry’s BMX accolades would be to sell him short. Over the course of 13 years with Maxxis, Barry has won national titles and World Championships, been an Olympic hopeful, and competed at the highest levels in the X-Games and Crankworx. He also spent a couple seasons racing dirt flat track on his modified Harley Davidson. Did we mention he’s also a husband and father to a young daughter?

When Barry isn’t parenting, training, riding, and coaching, he’s building jumps to dial in double backflips, welding up bike racks for motorcycles, customizing his Sprinter van for life on the road, or battling beavers on his property (yes, really).

Alabama Slamma: The Barry Nobles Story

This film – directed, filmed, and edited by Ben Linderman – follows the journey of Barry Nobles from his early days as a BMX racer to his eventual rise to the top of the sport to his quest for another championship during the 2022 season. Alabama Slamma (taken from Barry’s racing nickname), showcases his incredible skills on the track, as well as his determination, hard work, and dedication to his craft. Through interviews with Barry and archival footage, the film provides a unique and intimate look at the world of BMX racing and the life of one of its champions.

Barry embodies everything the Maxxis brand stands for: top tier performance, dedication to your craft, a champion’s mindset, pushing your limits, and enjoying life whether that’s on two wheels or four, on the racetrack or at home with the family. Maxxis is proud of all Barry has accomplished over the course of his career and considers him part of our family.

Alabama Slamma is a must-see for fans of BMX racing and anyone who is inspired by stories of determination and perseverance. With stunning footage of Barry’s riding, as well as behind-the-scenes moments, the film offers a thrilling and emotional journey through the life of one of the greats of BMX. Whether you’re a fan of BMX racing or simply a lover of great stories, this film is sure to leave a lasting impression and inspire you to chase your own dreams.

Stay tuned for part two of Alabama Slamma.

Alabama Slamma: The Barry Nobles Story
Alabama Slamma: The Barry Nobles Story


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