Ryno Power Carbo-Fuel Review


The pedaling boost you need

Words by Cole Gregg

While many of us think about adding some sort of electrolyte mix to our water for hydration and throwing some snacks in our pockets for fuel, there is a much easier way to fuel yourself on longer rides. Carbohydrate powder is an easy addition for your water to make sure you are getting the fuel your body needs out on the trail, without having to stop to eat. After months of relying on the Ryno Power CARBO-FUEL, you can consider me sold on its performance for supporting my rides. 


Ryno Power CARBO-FUEL is a simple GMO and Gluten Free drink mix that is tested for banned substances via a PCR test to ensure its quality. There is one simple ingredient in this powder – pure glucose polymers which are extracted from Corn/Rice in the USA – and it is formulated in small batches to maximize quality control. At 50 grams of complex carbohydrates per serving (two scoops), it helps meet the demanding needs of those long days in the saddle. CARBO-FUEL quickly breaks down into glucose molecules when consumed, while still providing the additional benefit of maltodextrin – a complex carbohydrate that absorbs slower giving you some sustained energy.

During intense activity (think that dreaded steep fire road climb or giving it your all on a descent) the body can require a minimum of 200 calories per hour. If you are waiting to eat that bar until the end of your climb, your body is already behind on fuel. By using a drink mix, you are able to easily keep up with the demands of a long climb, helping to ensure you are ready to shred by the time you start the descent. 

On top of intra-workout supplementation, CARBO-FUEL is an easy way to carb load prior to a big ride or race. I won’t go into details on carb loading but it’s worth checking out if that term is new to you. Essentially it is taking a given amount of carbohydrates days and hours prior to intense exercise. This tops off your muscle glycogen levels, in non-nerd terms it gives you a bigger gas tank to pull from. 

Ryno Power CARBO-FUEL is available in a 2lb bag (18 servings) for $39.95 ($2.20 per serving); 1lb bag for $21.95 ($2.43/serv) or single-serving sachet for $3.25. 

Ryno Power Carbo-Fuel Review


Being the nutrition nerd that I am, I can’t believe it took me so long to try a carb powder. Since I was a kid I have struggled with hypoglycemia (I get really hangry if I don’t eat), and the CARBO-FUEL from Ryno Power has been a total game-changer for me when it comes to longer rides. I went from being ready to eat my tires after rides and bonking to the point I would leave rides early, to finishing a 6,000-foot day feeling like I still had more in the tank. 

To me it feels like legal drugs, it does not give you more power at the pedal per se, but it feels as if you have a larger gas tank. Proteins, vitamins, and minerals are the building blocks to your body, whereas carbohydrates are like gasoline. They need to be replenished often to keep your motor running. CARBO-FUEL paired with a good electrolyte mix was one of the key components that helped me start to do longer and longer rides. I get pretty bad climb anxiety, especially on group rides where I can not set the pace, and having this concoction in my bottle or hydro pack is a little more ammo I have to get over the mental block of a big day in the saddle. 

My go-to mix is 2 scoops (one serving) of CARBO-FUEL paired with 1 scoop (1 serving) of Redmond Real Salt’s electrolyte mix called ReLyte. That is what I use in a bottle, and scale it up to 3 servings in my higher capacity hydropack. When using the hydropack, I generally have plain water on the bike to be more of a pallet cleanser, as the ReLyte can taste a bit salty after a couple of hours of constant use. Personally, I do not mind this as I know it is helping my body recover, but some may find it harder to stomach. As a side note, if you want the most effective electrolyte powder on the market then my shout is for ReLyte, it is hands down the best I have seen and used. But that product deserves its own write up so I will leave that there. 

On days that I know are going to be grueling, I will pre-game leading up to the ride at 3 hours and then 90 minutes prior to setting off, to ensure I am topped off and ready to party. Typically my 3-hour load will just be 1 scoop or a heavy-on-carb meal, while the 90-minute top-off is a full serving of CARBO-FUEL. With this preparation for a bigger ride, I can go the distance without ending up in the bonk zone.

As far as downsides or negative side effects, I have yet to find any. Generally I do not use the powder on an empty stomach, so I can not attest to that, but I have used it over a two-hour period with no snacks. That is my body, be sure to take it at your own pace to make sure it is something that will work for you, and don’t save trying it for an event or activity that’s particularly demanding – instead experiment in a more casual setting and get your levels dialed in before using it to fuel a big day.

If you are keen on giving this a go use code “KIWI” at check out on www.rynopower.com for 20% off. This code goes to help my buddy Shaun keep racing, and it’s a sweet discount on your end!

The Wolf’s Last Word

If you struggle to feed yourself enough on rides, or get hangry post-ride before finding food, Ryno Power’s CARBO-FUEL might just be what your body needs. This supplement has been a total game-changer for me this summer. It mixes super well and has literally no taste especially when used with electrolyte mixes, fueling my rides and keeping me happy on the pedals.

Discount Code: “KIWI” for 20% off
Price: $3.25 – $39.95
Sizes: Single serving | 12 pack single | 9 servings (1Lb) | 18 servings (2lb)

Website: Rynopower.com

We Dig

No flavor
Pairs well with electrolyte mixes
E-Bike in a bottle

We Don’t

Expensive if used excessively


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