Dig Team UTV Ride Day

Photos by Peter Jamison 

Today marks the official start of 2023 Red Bull Rampage as the official dig period window has begun.  In preparation for a long week of digging and hard work we worked with our Can-Am supported athletes to set up a day of throttle therapy to thank their diggers in advance for their hard work prepping their competition lines over the next 10 days and to clear out any pre-event jitters for the athletes themselves.

We worked with the Uncharted Society team to set up a guided tour through Sand Hollow with ATV Jeep Tours.  The tour was 4 hours long and took our crew of 12 people in 7 Maverick Max’s to all the best spots across Sand Hollow.  Following a nice rain storm the night before the dirt and dunes at Sand Hollow were next level.  The day was a great opportunity to unwind and enjoy themselves before a long 10 days.  Many of the riders and diggers have been to Hurricane/Virgin for years and had no idea how vast and amazing the terrain was here.  The guys were throwing the machines into wet berms and ripping the dunes like some seasoned vets.  The laughing and hollering from the rigs was awesome to hear and the riders were super pumped to be able to treat their diggers.


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