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The New Marin Alpine Trail

Marin’s Most Advanced And Adjustable Yet

We’ve launched the boldest and most capable lineup of Alpine Trail models ever. These are not just warmed-over versions of the previous models but all-new bikes built upon our most advanced, most adjustable frames to date, creating some of the best enduro mountain bikes on the market.

• All-new Series 4 Aluminum MultiTrac 2 LT frames with 160mm travel
• Adjustable geometry: head tube angle, bottom bracket height/chainstay length
• Mixed 29” F / 27.5” R wheel sizes, ability to run 29” rear
• Bear Box downtube storage
• 170mm travel forks, 4 piston brakes w/ 200mm rotors
• Three models & one frame kit

Marin Launches Alpine Trail

With the Series 4 Aluminum heart and soul of the Alpine Trail models and the focus of thousands of hours of development time, the new Alpine Trail sees rear wheel travel increase to 160mm, up 10mm from the outgoing platform. But the bigger story revolves around how we did it and what MultiTrac 2 LT (“Long Travel,” 150mm+) means. MultiTrac 2 LT shifts from seatstay pivots to chainstay pivots, ensuring that the suspension performance matches our design goals, which are not achievable using pivots located on the seatstay once travel exceeds 150mm.

With MultiTrac 2 LT, the benefits of relocating the rear pivot points from the seatstay to the chainstay become apparent, as it reduces anti-rise, allowing for better chassis control while braking, more mid-stroke support, and better feel at bottom out. Furthermore, relocation of the pivots provides the added benefit of allowing for adjustable chainstay lengths and bottom bracket heights. Ultimately, it’s a better-riding, better-performing suspension system made possible by the new pivot placement. Seatpost inner diameters are now 34.9mm, which increases frame strength. They are compatible with the latest diameter dropper posts and better match the aesthetics of the more robust frame.

Marin Launches Alpine Trail


Adjustable geometry also makes its debut on the new Alpine Trail models. With the integrated flip chips, adjustable headset and an aftermarket 29” rear wheel, riders can select 12 unique configurations to run their bikes. These configurations allow the best fine-tuning of chassis to trail conditions available. Flip chips are easy to reconfigure trailside and easily done using a 6mm hex wrench, require no additional parts, and incorporate laser-etched graphics that indicate the position of the chips.

The stock 27.5” rear wheel can be swapped out for a 29” rear wheel (not included) if desired, along with changing the position of the seatstay flip chips. Furthermore, the flip chips located at the seatstay pivots alter the bottom bracket height and chainstay length (lowBB/long CS setting = 345/442mm, high BB/short CS setting = 352/435mm) so that riders can perfectly dial their bike in to match the terrain they are looking to conquer. Finally, using our proprietary headset cups and inserts, the headtube angle can be adjusted to +0.75° or -0.75° from the standard 63° position, giving the rider three options.


The new Bear Box downtube storage is another feature making its Marin debut on the Alpine Trail. This voluminous cavity in the hydroformed downtube has enough space to stash mini tools and a TPU innertube within the included nylon bag with a weather-sealed zipper. The lid assembly is a proprietary design, with a latch and weather-sealed gasket to keep cargo dry and secure. The lid incorporates threaded inserts, and all sizes of Alpine Trail models can accommodate a traditional bottle cage and a standard 24oz bottle. Do you require even more storage? Mounts on the underside of the top tube allow for gear strap installation.


Chainstay and seatstays are protected with durable rubber guards that minimize noise and protect paint finishes, a gasket around the cable exit hole reduces noise and prevents the brake hose and derailleur cable from marring the frame, and a mudflap positioned over the lower suspension pivot keeps spray and muck off the bearings. An integrated downtube guard helps deflect errant rocks, logs, or anything else riders may encounter on the trail. Cable ports are of an all-new design and keep the frame innards sealed. These ports use rubber membranes punctured during initial assembly and seal around the housing or hose once inserted. They will be available as a service part for when riders make changes to their components.

And we didn’t forget the humble derailleur hanger. “Future-proof” is a rather bold and often misleading term, especially in an industry where countless “standards” come and go. Still, the new Alpine Trails utilize the Universal Derailleur Hanger standard across all models. The UDH allows us to spec a T-Type/Full Mount derailleur on the flagship Alpine Trail XR AXS, facilitating riders to upgrade to this direct mount style if desired.

The Alpine Trail family is now a three-model lineup consisting of the Alpine Trail XR AXS, Alpine Trail XR, Alpine Trail 1, plus an Alpine Trail XR frame kit. All complete bike models are built around high-performance and high-value 12-speed drivetrains, 4-piston brakes with 200mm rotors; dropper posts up to 200mm long (XL frame size), 35mm bar/stem combos, and 34.9mm diameter dropper posts.

Head to Marin Bikes website to learn more and locate your local Marin dealer.

Marin Launches Alpine Trail

Marin Alpine Trail 1

• All-new Series 4 Aluminum MultiTrac 2 LT frame
• Fox 36 Rhythm fork / Fox Float Performance shock w/ custom tune
• Shimano Deore 12-speed drivetrain
• TRP Slate EVO 4-piston brakes w 203mm rotors
• MSRP $3199 (US), 3499€(EU), £3095 (UK), $4299 (CAN)

Marin Launches Alpine Trail

Marin Alpine Trail XR

• All-new Series 4 Aluminum MultiTrac 2 LT frame
• RockShox Zeb Ultimate fork / Super Deluxe Ultimate coil shock
• SRAM GX Eagle Lunar 12-speed drivetrain
• SRAM DB8 Stealth 4-piston brakes w/ 200mm rotors
• MSRP $4599 (US), 5059€(EU), £4445 (UK), $6159 (CAN)

Marin Launches Alpine Trail

Marin Alpine Trail XR AXS

• All-new Series 4 Aluminum MultiTrac 2 LT frame
• RockShox Zeb Ultimate fork / Super Deluxe coil ultimate shock
• SRAM GX T-Type AXS 12-speed drivetrain
• SRAM Code Bronze 4-piston brakes w/ 200mm rotors
• MSRP $5399 (US), 5945€(EU), £5225 (UK), $7249 (CAN)


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