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Words by Cole Gregg
Photo and Video by Cole Gregg & YT Industries

Founded in 2007 by Markus Flossmann with one goal in mind: make a very good bike at an affordable price. Fast forward 17 years to 2024, and that goal has made a huge impact on riders around the world. Now with more than 200 global employees, YT’s vision remains the same.

Enter the Mill. YT has developed a brand center to showcase the bikes and ethos they bring to the cycling world. There are now 4 different locations around the world, with the Bentonville, Arkansas location being not only the newest addition but also the largest. Designed from the ground up, this 9,000 sq ft showroom is aimed at being a landing spot for local riders as well as the many visitors Bentonville attracts. Kick off your ride with a free coffee and end it with a free beer, oh yeah did we mention that the bike demos are also free?! YT has 120 bikes in their demo fleet in this Mill location, featuring every model except the Tues. Their goal is to grow this number closer to 300, to ensure locals and visitors will always be able to ride the bike of their choosing.

The Mill is not only a visually stunning building, but the massive product campaign displays show the true dedication YT has for its brand. They source display items from around the world to really showcase what each bike is about. These displays do not disappoint!

YT Mill Bentonville

They also offer “goodwill service” to local YT bike owners through their fully decked out workshop. No stone was left unturned when it came to building this new hub. With local athletes leading group rides, movie premieres and more, the YT Mill is truly a one-stop community hub.

Upstairs you will find a vast selection of YT’s own riding gear and lifestyle apparel. In theory, if you are traveling to experience the immense Bentonville trail network you only need to bring your shoes and a helmet. YT has the bikes, pedals and gear covered! If you want to leave a lasting memory of your trip, there is also a fully functional tattoo studio that features local artists in residency every week. Rumor has it if you buy a YT you can get a free YT tattoo, sorry Jeff!

No Behind The Brand feature would be complete without sampling the local trails. With a fully charged YT Decoy, I set off to dive head first into the insane amount of trails Bentonville offers. Do not be fooled by the lack of elevation, the trail builders have done an impeccable job at creating some truly world class riding seconds away from Main Street. Within the city alone, there are 70 miles of trails that connect out to different zones, adding another 400 miles of single track for you to explore. Want to hit some concrete berms? They have it. Fancy some rough chunky bits? They have it. Ready to whip and flow endless jump trails? They have it. I did not understand what the hype was all about prior to the trip, but I fully get it now!  With that said I for sure will be back, and I guarantee my first stop will be slurping up some free espresso down at the Mill!

YT’s philosophy of “Live Uncaged” is truly represented at the Mill.

For more information on bike demos head over to their website:


The YT Mill
306 S. Main St
Bentonville, AR 72712

Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 7pm,
Saturday: 9am – 7pm
Sunday: 9am – 5pm

YT Mill Bentonville


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