Dakine Universal Pickup Pad Review

Dakine Universal Pickup Pad Review


Words by Drew Rohde  |  Photos by Sourpatch & Max Rhulen

Dakine’s first tailgate pad was released back in 2005! Since then a lot has changed. Looking to offer a pickup pad that is compatible with tonneau covers and shells, Dakine’s Universal Tailgate Pad could be a very welcome accessory for those driving trucks with enclosed beds. We recently picked up a Ford Maverick for a commuter rig and have a roll-up tonneau cover installed on it. When Dakine reached out with word of their new pad, we couldn’t wait to see review it. Let’s see how it’s held up over the last six months.


• Padded tailgate protection
• EVA foam panels
• Designed for a universal fit | 2 widths available
• Truck shell and tonneau cover compatible


  • So Many Things

  • Versatile

  • Holds Bikes Nicely

  • Protects Bike and Truck

  • Seems Durable Thus Far


  • Feeding Downtube straps through Tight Webbing


Made from 100% recycled 900d polyester and treated with a UV coating, the Universal Pad is available in Small or Large sizes. Being that the Ford Maverick is an extra small “truck,” we opted for the size small. It fit well but does require a little finagling to get the tailgate to closer when on. It’s barely catches the posts inside the bed opening, but is far from a big deal and will be perfect for Ford Ranger’s, Toyota Tacoma’s and other similar mid-sized trucks.

Dakine’s Universal Pickup Pad had placement for up to seven bikes on the large and five bikes on the small. The pad also has a EVA foam panels to add protection to the truck and bikes. A microfiber style back helps keep your truck’s paint protected while Velcro straps secure your bike down and keep it held safe. The foam panels borrow Dakine’s surf traction design for a nice visual style and also helps with bike stability.

Securing the pad to the truck are four straps with spring-loaded cam locks. It also has a removable cover for tailgate cameras/handles and has its own storage pocket. You can also lock the pad into the truck with a cable to ensure it doesn’t walk away.

Dakine Universal Pickup Pad Review


Over the last six months I’ve installed and removed the pad several times. It’s a pretty quick and painless process and the self-locking cams do a good job keeping the pad put. There are two G-hooks that can be undone to flip back the bike storage pads inside the bed. This allows a tonneau cover to close and lock, or for the window of a bed topper, shell to be shut. I was able to roll up my cover and lock it, with that piece flipped back into the bed and greatly appreciate the ability to do so when I was transporting sensitive items on rainy days.

The Ford Maverick is a tiny truck, but I was still able to stack it full of bikes that stayed put. The padding has kept my truck’s bed and the bike’s safe and sound. I do not love how difficult it can be to slide the Velcro straps through the slits on the webbing however. It would be nice to see some bigger gaps left in the webbing as it could be a bit frustrating, especially with cold, wet hands to get the straps through the webbing loops every time we had to put a bike back on the pad. Ultimately though, this is my only complaint about the pad and one that would likely be lessened after a few more months of aggressive use as the webbing may stretch out and open some… Maybe.

The Wolf’s Last Word

If you are looking for a tonneau cover or shell-compatible tailgate pad to transport your bikes, the new Dakine Universal Pad is well worth a look. We’ve had a great mix of cold, wintery conditions and intense sunshine here in Central Oregon and I’m quite impressed with how well the pad still looks and performs. The straps, 900d polyester and Velcro are all still working and look like they’re ready for more. Nicely done.

Price: $295
Website: Dakine.com

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