Spank Spike 30 Grip Review



Words by Robert Johnston  |  Photos by Finlay Anderson

Grips are likely the item on a bike that divides opinions the most out there, and for good reason. With a wide range of hand shapes and sizes – and preferential differences in cushion versus feeling – one grip certainly does not work for all. Spank makes their Spike grip in two thickness options to address this, and we’ve been enjoying their ultra-thin Spike 30 out on the trails.


• 30mm Diameter
• Inboard Lock Ring
• Integrated Bar Ends

Price: $24.99


  • Great Bar Feel

  • Impressive Comfort For A Thin Grip

  • Durable Bar Ends


  • Thin Diameter Won’t Suit Everyone

Spank Spike 30 Grip Review


Spank offers their Spike grip in a choice of a thick 33mm diameter, or the thin 30mm diameter tested. These share the same “Human Factor” grip pattern, but differ in the thickness of rubber and therefore their diameter. This Human Factor pattern refers to the ribbed design, which features supportive alternating circular blocks alter to improve the stability and traction. To improve comfort, the base features a cut out at the top of the grip to increase rubber thickness. The area under the thumbs is smoother to reduce friction and make for easier operation of the controls.

At 145mm long, the Spank Spike 30 grip offers plentiful real estate to work with. An integrated, anatomical plastic bar end is designed to offer protection for the little finger and grip. Its design ensures that riders who like to hang their hands off the end of the bars don’t experience discomfort. A single inboard lock ring keeps the Spank grip firmly in place on the bar.

The Spank Spike 30 grip is offered in a choice of ten colors to match your ride, with a retail price of $24.99.

Spank Spike 30 Grip Review


Unless I’m looking to go out and log 15 laps of a gnarly downhill track back-to-back in a day, I’ll typically favor increased feeling and control of the bike over supreme cushion and comfort. However, if I can have comfort without reducing control, then I’ll for sure take it. The Spank Spike 30 grips manage to do this fairly well, and have quickly become some of my favorites for shorter and more intense rips.

The 30mm diameter makes these amongst the thinnest lock on grips on the market, but they’ve been clever with the design to ensure you remain comfortable. Thanks to the cut out in the core under where your hand rests, you get more rubber between your hand and the bar than you might be expecting. This helps to take a little of the sting out of the vibrations coming through from the trails. Make no mistake though, these grips won’t offer the best cushion for ultra-rough terrain.

Because the rest of the grip has less rubber, you get a very direct connection between your fingers and the bars, making for exceptional feedback and control. Though they may measure in at 30mm in theory, the ribbed pattern lets them squash down even thinner once you’re gripping them tight.

The patterning combined with a fairly soft and traction-rich rubber compound provide plenty of grip whether gloved or gloveless. This prevents you from having to grip the bars hard, reducing hand fatigue that may otherwise set in with a thinner grip. On the muddiest of rides the shallow ribbed design can become packed with mud and begin to lose traction considerably, but these are extreme circumstances.

The integrated bar ends have shrugged off a few encounters with the ground, and the rubber is holding up well so far. I’m excited to keep these in rotation for the days I’m seeking ultimate connection with the bars, as they’re delivering that better than anything else I’ve yet to use.

The Wolf’s Last Word

The Spank Spike 30 grip offers some of the best bar feel on the market, yet manages to deliver more comfort than you might expect. For riders who love a thin grip or seek ultimate bar feel, these are some of the best.

Price: $24.99

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