BTR or Burf and Tam Racing was created

when Burf and Tam combined their skills to realise their shared dream: to spend their days designing, building and riding bikes. In a nutshell Burf loves making stuff and Tam loves designing stuff.

Before going to college and university Burf was a young downhill racer that was breaking frames midway through the season. BTR Fabrications was built on the dream of building a downhill bike that would last a complete season of racing. After meeting Tam while working for K9 Industries, BTR Fabrications was born. While holding down full-time jobs BTR started making bikes in their spare time. Their evenings and weekends were spent in a shed building bikes; a shed that Tam would eventually live in for a year and a half.

From their humble beginnings and with an immeasurable amount of sacrifice BTR Fabrications is now recognized as making some of the most progressive steal hardtails available. The Belter is a pure downhill hardtail that is long, low, slack and as tough as nails. The Ranger was created for the first Dudes of Hazzard endure race, a bike that can climb, descend and ride to the pub afterwards.

BTR Fabrications doesn’t only make production hardtails out of steel they also have the Pinner full suspension frame. Built with a blend of Reynold and Columbus the Pinner is a 130mm travel single pivot frame actuated by a two-piece linkage.

What makes BTR mountain bikes unique is that all of their models on their website can be customized to meet their customers’ specifications. Things like internal routing, bottle cage mounts, integrated seat clamps, and colors can be selected before ordering a frame from their webstore.

Below you can find all of the reviews we’ve conducted aboard BTR mountain bikes. We take pride in offering the most honest and up-front reviews in hopes that you can better inform yourself on any future purchasing decisions based on your local terrain and skill level.

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