Patrick Morewood has been making fun, medal-winning bikes for some of the fastest riders in the world for decades.

In 2010 Morewood founded Pyga with the goal to design simple, clean cut bikes without fancy acronyms, gadgets or unnecessary standards. Very early on Pyga decided that they wanted bikes that were competitive on the racetrack while still being super-fun to bomb around on their local trails. Pyga’s suspension bikes are designed to pedal efficiently, be active, supple and integrate the proven technology that makes modern bikes amazing to ride. Pyga’s geometry is a little more relaxed than most of the other bikes out there, so they retain a character of fun.

Currently Pyga has four different models; Stage, Stage Max, Hyrax and Slakline. The Stage is an xc and marathon race bike that uses a single pivot linkage design, with a moderately high level of progression. Pyga doesn’t use lockout levers to reduce pedal induced suspension movement, but rather Pyga uses the mechanics of their bikes to provide riders with a simple, well performing bikes. The Stage Max is a more relaxed version of the Stage, with increased rear travel and slightly more relaxed geometry.

The Hyrax and the Slakline are the two models that we feel would be most popular in the PNW. Both bikes use the ultra-reliable Horst link suspension design which allows Pyga to improve brake squat characteristics. They have a lot more progression on the curve, making these bikes truly ready to handle the big hits. The Slakline was designed to descend like a downhill bike but pedal like a short-travel trail bike. The Slakline is Pyga’s enduro, bikepark or mini-dh bike.

Below you can find all of the reviews we’ve conducted aboard Pyga Mountain Bikes. We take pride in offering the most honest and up-front reviews in hopes that you can better inform yourself on any future purchasing decisions based on your local terrain and skill level.

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