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Wolves in the Wild

Ride Weekend & Campout – Update #2

What’s up Wolf Pack! We’re almost there and can’t wait to party down and shred some trails with all our new friends. Below you’ll find some useful information about the event, trails and some suggestions on what to pack.

Event Location
Horse Creek Lodge Campground
Address: 56228 Delta Dr, McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413
Phone: (541) 822-3243

We’ll be camping on the property owned by Horse Creek Lodge. They’ve got a pumptrack on the premises so if you’ve got a hardtail, bring it along too!

What can you expect at the campground?

Power? Yes, in some areas. We don’t have a bunch of RV hookups or anything, but there’s power at the bathroom building in the main camp area.

Running water for bathing? Yes, we have 4 outdoor showers throughout the property – people should plan on bringing their own towels, toiletries, etc.

Parking close to campsites or walk in? Both. The property is not enormous, so even if you have to walk some, it won’t be far. It all depends on how many of you carpool and the number/size of vehicles that arrive. We’ll do our best.

Wifi or cell phone service? We have wifi, and Verizon is the only cell service we really get at all on the property.

Fires? Heck yeah!

Food? We are scrambling to try and find a food truck after our original provider cancelled on us last week. You are free to camp-cook at your camp site and there is a small restaurant pedaling distance (about an 8-minute ride) away. It is dark, so bring lights. There is a very small town nearby (5-10-minute drive) if you want to drive over and eat there as well.
We will continue trying to find a food truck last minute as well, but please be prepared.

When? Shuttles will start rolling out Saturday, June 2 after everyone gets checked in, lives are signed away and vans are loaded! We suggest you arrive anytime after 630am. If you arrive Friday night we will be there setting up tents/demos and booths but will do our best to get you parked and checked in Friday night.

Chances are this isn’t your first mountain bike trip so we don’t want to mess up your routine, but here’s a few things you should definitely include:

Trail Helmet
Riding Gear
First Aid Kit
Camp Light/Lantern
Camp Cooking Supplies
Cans of Chili
Emergency Roll of TP
First Aid Kit
Tire Pump
Good Attitude

We’re hoping to send you guys home (in one piece) with the biggest smiles possible. By having a casual, non-racing type weekend festival vibe we want people to leave their egos at home and show up ready to make new friends and memories. The trails are going to be in good condition and we will have a few options depending on what you’re looking for. We’ll have a few shuttle vehicles running circles taking van loads of people to different trails throughout the day. Ride until dark, or have a beer between each lap, it’s up to you!

Documentation – We’re going to have Trevor Lyden out on the trail shooting photos and Sports Doug Jambor hidden in the bushes working on an epic video that we’ll share with all of you after the event is done. This way you can show your friends how cool you look high-fiving R-Dog while Tyler McCaul sprays roost in your face.

Arrival Process – When you arrive on Saturday we’ll have you line up at our bitchin new pop up tent sign our liability waiver, yes, we had to get a lawyer involved. Sucks, we know. After you sign in we’re going to hand over a really cool Loam Wolf tote bag with some memorabilia and a wrist band that is your golden ticket for the weekend. Nobody will be allowed on a shuttle, given beer or allowed to even look at us without that wristband. So don’t lose it.

On the Trail – We’ll be dropping groups of riders off at various trails around the McKenzie Bridge area and you’ll be able to cruise down at your leisure. We do ask you remain mindful of other riders around you. It’s not a race, so cruise at your pace, but realize some people’s pace may be quicker or slower than yours. That means, don’t park your bike or yourself in the middle of the trail to take a selfie. It also means you shouldn’t tailgate a newer rider and yell at them to get out of your way. Let’s stay safe and cool out there. We’re all here to have fun.

Please read this waiver now and familiarize yourself with it. If you’d like to speed up your check-in process to get on the shuttles quicker, please sign and print out a copy at home and we’ll collect it at the venue.

Download the Waiver

Thanks very much.

Welcome to the Inaugural

Wolves in the Wild

Ride Weekend & Campout – Update #1

Along with thanking you for the support, we also congratulate you on having impeccable taste and a thirst for adventure that makes you cooler than most! Welcome to The Pack.

Wolves in the Wild is our chance to get together with like-minded riders and show them what it’s like to be on our side of the bike biz while spreading the stoke and reminding us what mountain biking is all about. We’ve lined up several supporting brands, a beer sponsor and a worthy charity to make this an epic weekend.

Attending brands will be offering demo products, shaking hands and looking for influencers to help spread the good word. Beyond chatting about bike parts and riding new products, we’re working hard to plan some fun after-hours activities to keep the nighttime wild.

We’re also putting together a swag bag full of discount codes from sponsoring brands and some sick freebies to stoke you out upon arrival. There will be a check-in area where you’ll be given a wristband that is necessary for any and all activities. We have a strict no-poaching policy and those found without bands will be fed to The Wolves.

The event is scheduled for June 2 and 3 with shuttles beginning about 10 a.m. June 2. If you’re traveling from far away, camping will be available the night of Friday June 1 however we will not be fully operational due to a previous event at the location. But, feel free to show up early, set up a tent and rest up for the party to come!

The event will be taking place at an outdoor campground and we will have portable restrooms and a few outdoor showers for your comfort. We hope to have at least one food truck on hand but camp cooking is allowed and we will also be about a 5-minute pedal from a local restaurant. There will be limited cell phone service with only a few power outlets available for electronic accessories, which is great because without Instagram, we’ll actually be able to socialize! We recommend having some food, snacks and drinks around as the campground is roughly a 1 mile pedal from the nearest store. There is also potable water on-hand at the campground.

We are keeping the name of the campground and exact location a secret until just before the event when we will send out final confirmation and info. It is in the heart of McKenzie Bridge, Oregon and will quench your thirst for loam. We will be mailing out the next announcement May 1 which should give you all the missing info you’ll need to be ready for this kick ass weekend!

For those unfamiliar with the area, a trail bike is more than sufficient for the area we’ll be riding. A bike over 180mm would most likely be overkill but please bring whatever you feel most comfortable riding or bring multiple bikes if you want to extend the trip and visit some of the nearby gems. Even though we are shuttling, many of the rides will still have some pedaling and climbing so be prepared. Don’t feel intimidated and ride at your own pace. This weekend is all about fun and shredding, no race medals here.


If you are flying to Oregon for the event, Eugene (EUG) airport is the closest at roughly 60 miles away and the Bend/Redmond (RDM) airport is roughly 80 miles away. Portland (PDX) airport is about 160 miles away if you’re looking for an INTL arrival.

Along with our partnering brands, Sagebrush Cycles out of Bend, OR will be donating their time as a neutral support shop. They will have some basic repair parts, tools and a mechanic on hand should anyone need some attention. If you don’t want to bring a bike or be limited to just riding a Trek Demo Bike, Sagebrush also has a rental fleet of bikes at their store if you’d like to call ahead and book one to try out for the weekend.

For more info visit or call (541) 389-4224

Thank you again for your support and we couldn’t do it without you!
Spread the word and see you soon,

The Loam Wolf

Wolves In the Wild