Review by Drew Rohde

Following years of success making carbon fiber rims in their Kamloops, BC facility, the We Are One Arrival has been a long-awaited dream for many of their die-hard fans. We Are One composites wanted to apply their material and manufacturing expertise combined with their local-resourcing network and environmentally conscious mission to produce their own enduro frame. What they came up with was a 150mm travel, 29”-wheeled carbon fiber machine sporting a co-rotating dual link suspension design and an aesthetic that conjures up notions of a stealth fighter. We Are One named their new enduro machine the Arrival, signifying the arrival of We Are One Composites to the mountain bike frame market. With looks this crazy, we were beyond excited to get one out onto the trail.

We Are One’s Arrival is a 160mm front and 150mm rear wheel travel 29er that’s 100% designed, manufactured, and assembled in Kamloops, BC. The Arrival is designed to be Enduro World Series ready, without sacrificing climbing ability and comfort for long days out in the saddle.


• Made in Kamloops, BC
• 150mm 29er
• HTA 64°
• STA 77°
• REACH 475 (SZ2 Size)
• Lifetime Warranty

Price: $8,999 – $10,755
Website: Weareonecomposites.com

We Are One opted to use a dual-link suspension design to control the 150mm of travel, with the two links rotating in the same direction (co-rotating) to produce the desired kinematics. The Arrival also sports a short Trunnion mounted rear shock standard, which retains a reasonable 55mm stroke to control the rear end, but packs it into a 185mm eye-to-eye, which allows for standover heights to be minimized across the size range and the center of gravity to be kept low.

The front and rear triangles are produced from carbon fiber at We Are One’s Kamloops facility and joining them are two machined aluminum links. The “paint” finish is noteworthy, with the raw carbon frame seeing a matte Cerakote H coating that should resist wear and tear better than pretty much anything out there, keeping the Arrival looking fresh for lap after lap. With sustainability in mind, they managed to source 99% of the materials required to produce the bike from within a 500-mile radius of the factory and ensure that no plastic is used in the packaging of the bike.

We Are One Arrival SP2 Profile Shot

We Are One Composites also back the Arrival frame with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and offer a fix and repair service that they take no profits from, to prolong the life of crash damaged frames that don’t qualify for a free replacement. To ensure the need for warranties on the Arrival is kept to the minimum, We Are One tested it to the EFBE Tri-Test standard, which they consider the toughest test in the industry. The very first frame they sent passed, which should mean there are no issues with strength out on the trail.

We Are One Composites uses a SuperBoost 157mm rear hub standard to produce a stronger wheel and improved chainline for the bigger cogs on the cassette but stuck to a standard boost 148 crank to avoid increasing the Q-factor. This is done to keep things feeling more comfortable and agile as a narrowed Q-factor allows for a more natural pedaling position and gives a nice chainline, maximizing the lifespan of expensive and hard-to-find replacement parts. The rear brake mount is We Are One’s own system, initially designed to take a standard caliper with a 180mm rotor, but the aluminum machined adapter can be replaced for a 203mm version, available separately.

A majority of the fasteners on the We Are One Arrival frame are made out of titanium, shaving a little weight and showing a real sign of quality over every last detail. They ensured that the hardware throughout the frame would sit as flush as possible with the carbon surfaces, preventing any unsightly mud accumulation over time that may otherwise occur. All threads on the carbon use aluminum inserts to ensure any strip-outs don’t write off the frame. Aluminum insert is present in the BB to accept threaded BSA bottom brackets, which should reduce the likelihood of damage to the frame and facilitate easier replacements.

We Are One Arrival SP2 Rear Triangle

We Are One offers the Arrival in three sizes, named SZ1, SZ2 and SZ3, to fit riders from 5’3” to 6’4” (160-193cm). There are equal 25mm reach gaps from the 450mm on the SZ1 to 500mm on the SZ3, with the SZ2 tested sporting our preferred 475mm figure. A 77-degree effective seat tube angle is shared across the sizes, along with the 64-degree head angle and slammed 37mm BB drop. The chainstays grow from 437mm on SZ1 and SZ2, to 441mm on SZ3, to help maintain weight balance between the wheels. Wheelbases aren’t too extreme compared to some of the current crop, with the SZ2 coming in at 1,246mm, which should retain some agility. Short head tubes across the size range allow stack heights to be kept relatively low, at 621mm for the SZ2, meaning slammed front-end lovers will be well served. Something else worth noting is the lack of adjustability in the geometry department. While it’s not a deal-breaker for us when things are right, we could have loved a high position to raise that bottom bracket a touch for our rocky trails.

The We Are One Arrival is available in two complete build options. Named SP1 and SP2, they are both high quality builds to match the premium level carbon fiber frame. Shared between the two spec levels are Fox’s Factory level suspension kit, with a 36 Float Grip 2 sporting 160mm of travel up front, paired to the Trunnion mounted Float X2 rear shock. We Are One’s Union carbon fiber rims are featured on both builds, with the SP1 built with an Industry 9 Hydra hub set, and the SP2 build featuring the slightly cheaper I9 1/1 hubs.

Gearing is SRAM’s XO1 Eagle on both bikes, but the SP1 features the AXS wireless system, opposed to the mechanical version on the SP2 build. The dropper posts receive the same treatment, with an AXS Reverb on the SP1 and SDG Tellis cable-operated dropper on the SP2. Magura brakes are featured on both builds with 203mm front rotors and 180mm rear: MT7 4-piston calipers and HC3 levers stop the SP1 build, whereas MT5 brakes are spec’d on the SP2. Both builds feature We Are One’s DA Package cockpit, with their 45mm stem mated to the bar of your choice. Rounding out the spec lists on both bikes are an SDG Bel Air III saddle, Vittoria Mazza Trail tires, and a Chris King Inset 2 headset.

The SP1 takes the top-spec crown at $10,755 vs the SP2’s slightly cheaper $8,999 price tag. We Are One’s Arrival full builds are usually available to purchase directly from the We Are One website, however at the time of writing this they are sold out. So, you’ll have to source one in stock from your local dealer, if you’re lucky.

We Are One Arrival SP2 Action

My first ride aboard the We Are One Arrival was on some particularly fast, sandstone-slabs and chunk in the Los Angeles, CA area. The trails I grew up riding and have put more bikes down than I can remember are infamous for breaking components, suspension products and riders who aren’t up to the task. From there I flew the bike to Sedona, Arizona for the MTB Festival and rode even more chunky, rocky trails and got in a ton of pedaling. Since then, I’ve returned to Bend, Oregon and have been riding flatter pedal trails, some jump lines and plenty of fast, flowy trails too.

While I’d say the We Are One Arrival has a distinct ride feel that makes it an absolute blast to ride, there are a couple talking points that may affect some rider’s decisions first. I felt the Arrival has a somewhat stiffer, or firm-feeling suspension platform. It’s definitely not abusive or harsh, like say an older Intense VPP design, but it has a firmness that lets you know what’s underneath you. In other words, pillowy-plush is not the adjective I’d use to describe this bike.

We Are One Arrival SP2 Action

Similarly, when climbing in those rocky, sharp trails, I found myself occasionally striking pedals as the Arrival sits fairly low, which is of course one of the reasons I loved cornering this bike so much. It’s worth noting suspension setup is a bit unique on this bike and the high leverage ratio mean having 13-14mm of sag, or roughly 25% is critical to keeping this bike off out of the weeds and performing as intended. The lack of geo adjust could be an issue for some, but aside from the BB height, I wouldn’t change a single thing about the Arrival’s geometry as I think We Are One nailed it.

Now, moving beyond those two areas let’s talk about how much fun this bike is to ride. It’s hard to pick where to start, but the overall feel of being on this bike is just so natural. It’s like an extension of my body beneath me. The reach, length, weight all works together to create a bike that blends stability with uncanny snappiness and a lively nature that gets the bike airborne with little effort. I know We Are One have EWS top-15 finishes under a phenomenal pro athlete, but I’m not nearly as skilled or fast. For a mortal in what I call the “Pack Filler Pro” category, I would say this bike feels more like a trail/all mountain bike on steroids compared to a long-legged enduro machine.

We Are One Arrival SP2 Rear Shock

While 150mm may be enough for some in an enduro setting, I’d personally like a more cushioned ride, of course I don’t race enduro and that’s probably why I love riding this bike on my regular trails so much more than bikes like the Norco Range, GT Force Carbon or other beastly enduro rigs.

We Are One says they focused on the 90% rule, which is the understanding that nothing can be perfect 100% of the time, on all terrain. We addressed the 10% in our first notes above, but when it comes to the 90% that the Arrival does well, we’ll modify a line from Will Ferrell’s Anchorman to sum it up. 90% of the time, it is 100% bad ass. So, although it may have a couple quirks worth noting, when you get the Arrival doing what it’s meant to do, there aren’t many bikes I’d rather be on. Mid-corner line changes, popping off small trail features, slashing corners, sending gaps into natural landings, or generally having a blast on the trails are all areas that the We Are One Arrival thrives in.

We Are One Arrival SP2 Action

The Wolf’s Last Word

There are a lot of things to love about the We Are One Arrival, but I do think there are some riders who it may not be ideally suited for. If the feedback regarding the suspension feel and geometry isn’t a major concern for the majority of your riding and you’ve got the funds to look at a 150/160mm 29er, then this is a bike our crew would absolutely recommend. I could see this bike excelling under riders who enjoy a more interactive ride experience, are active and lively in their riding style and appreciate a bike that moves with the slightest of nudges.

There aren’t many reviews where I’ll use the term love, but there are times where I love this bike and how much fun it is on the trail. It may not be my go-to for a plush, enduro or bike park bike but if I’m looking for something that I can have a blast on, this is it. It shreds corners, jumps like it’s got helium inside the frame, is comfortable and efficient enough for long rides and turns heads everywhere I take it. Beyond that I love supporting brands who are doing their best to support domestic manufacturing and building local while also taking the environment and repairable products into account. We Are One have done an excellent job with the Arrival and it’s hard to believe this is their first bike as it rides better than bikes from brands who’ve been doing it for decades.

Price: $8,999 (SP2 Tested)
Weight: 30.8-lbs
Website: Weareonecomposites.com


Frame: Carbon | 150mm

Fork: Fox Factory 36 Grip 2 | 160mm
Shock: Fox Float Factory X2

Brakes: Magura MT5 | 203/180mm

Handlebar: We Are One Da Package | Choose Your Bar
Headset: Chris King Inset 2 sealed headset
Saddle: SDG Bel-Air V3
Seatpost: SDG Tellis
Shifter: SRAM X01; 12s
Stem: We Are One Da Package | 45mm Stem

Wheelset: We Are One Revolution Wheels | I9 1/1 hubs

Front tire: Vittoria Mazza Trail 29×2.6
Rear tire: Vittoria Mazza Trail 29×2.4

Bottom Bracket: SRAM DUB BSA 73 threaded

Cassette: SRAM XG75 Eagle | 52t – 10t
Cranks: SRAM X01 Eagle DUB Carbon | 32t |
Derailleur: SRAM X01 Eagle | 12s

We Are One Arrival SP2 Profile Shot

We Dig

Fun as Hell!
Light and lively
Corners, corners, corners
Easy to jump
Made in North America and Eco-conscious

We Don’t

May not be for everyone
Not in stock
Would love a more affordable option


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