Tech Check

Our Tech Check features are essentially a “Mini Dissected” – a chance for brands to collaborate with The Loam Wolf and offer our readers some deeper insight to the development, technology and features found in their latest product offerings. We strive to remain objective during our review process and that is why we disclose that our Tech Check Series stories are sponsored content and not official reviews. This is why you may not find quite as much ride performance analysis beyond initial ride reports or findings.

We take pride in our reviews and value our reader’s hard-earned dollars above all else when testing product, and because of that we save our final verdicts and long-term assessments until we’ve thoroughly tested the products rather than rush a review out to be first.

These Tech Check features allow us to quickly get content out around new products and we hope you find them as entertaining as we do, because they’re a lot of fun to make and we always enjoy riding new products.