Founded in a barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin

Founded in a barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin, Trek Bikes remains a family-owned business run by a passionate group of employees. Trek has grown tremendously since they made their first 904 touring road bike frames in 1976, yet they remain close to their roots. Located just one mile down the road from the barn where Trek’s first five employees started making frames, Trek Bikes now has a large headquarters and a pretty impressive network of private trails. The trails are close enough for employee lunch rides and are also used for product testing and development of their mountain bikes.

Here at we primarily focus on Trek’s mountain bikes and ebikes, however the brand offers a lot more. Trek Bikes has a wide variety of bicycles from entry-level commuter bikes and kid bikes to top-tier carbon fiber race machines. Over the years Trek athletes have raced and won events in disciplines both on and off road. They’ve even got quite a few medals from riders who spend more time in the air than on the ground. Sporting a deep roster of Tour de France victors to World Cup DH racers and arguably the most stacked roster of freeride and slopestyle athletes on their C3 team, Trek Bikes has a bike to suite every kind of rider.

Trek’s mountain bikes feature many technologies found on both their carbon and aluminum models that make them among the most competitive in the market. Their Active Braking Pivot (ABP), Mino Link geometry adjustment chip and plus suspension design have earned them a loyal following. Trek’s Knock Block system however, is a bit more divisive as some appreciate the fact it protects their valuable frame’s top tube from damage while more trick and jump oriented riders dislike the limited ability to turn their bars completely.

Below you can find all of the reviews we’ve conducted aboard Trek Mountain Bikes. We take pride in offering the most honest and up-front reviews in hopes that you can better inform yourself on any future purchasing decisions based on your local terrain and skill level.

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