100% Storbi Jacket

100% Storbi Jacket

Stylish, Warm and Waterproof Riding Jacket

Words & Photos Drew Rohde

Being a SoCal transplant living in the PNW, I’ve quickly learned that I knew nothing about layering, quality weatherproof gear and winter in general– all things that didn’t bother me very much. F*#k snow! Up until this move, a “winter” riding jacket was a long sleeve jersey and maybe a super thin shell for a chilly ocean breeze or a light misty rain. The type of stuff that would make the Storbi jacket seem like a parka.

As I sit here now, the weather outside is a frigid 39 degrees (yes, I’m still a wuss) and the precipitation quickly changes from frozen white dots to rain drops. This is the type of misery the Storbi was built for.

The 100% polyester jacket is notably thicker than your typical outer shell. It also has a thin liner inside. Yes, that means it doesn’t roll up quite as tightly, but the trade off is increased warmth and water repellency for a much longer period of time.

I’ve been out in some torrential downpours for what seemed like hours on end and pulled the jacket off to be dry as a bone. The thicker material also makes it a very durable piece, as several muddy slides have been unable to pierce or damage the outer layer.

Two taped and sealed zipper pockets are on the outside with one flap pocket on the inside chest. A large hood covers the head and also offers some back of neck protection while riding in wet conditions.

The waistband has a drop-tail design to prevent grimy crack, and drawstrings snug up the fit when desired.

The Wolf’s Last Word

Nothing about this jacket screams special. It doesn’t have acronyms or crazy technological banter to make it a sales-spectacular. Instead it relies on a very stylish, casual look and top notch performance to keep you dry and warm. At times we wished it had some pit ventilation, or any kind of venting for that matter, but realized this could potentially compromise the look and water deflection of this decent price point jacket.

If you’re looking for a thicker, slightly lined shell that looks cool and works well, then check out the Storbi. It has been my jacket of choice when the temps drop and the sky looks gray.

Price: $110;
Colors: Army Heather, Black;
Contact: ride100percent.com

We Dig

Casual Style
Comfortable Fit

We Don’t

Lack of Vents

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