TLW’s Mountain Biker’s Gift List

Our 13 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Giro Switchblade Helmet

Our favorite convertible helmet yet. The Switchblade is one of the few helmets that we’d actually feel comfortable taking on a trip that involved DH bike park laps and trail riding.

It’s a bit warm for pedals in the summer and not quite a full-DH lid (though it does pass DH certifications) but it is the most secure fitting and comfortable dual-sport helmet. If you only want to spend the dough on one lid or travel frequently and don’t like packing two helmets, the Switchblade is a solid option. Check our review.

Price: $250;

Giro Switchblade Helmet Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers
Evo Gimbal Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Evo Shift 3-Axis Phone Gimbal

This 3-axis gimbal will quickly elevate your video game to professional-amateur in no time flat. Your vids will leave viewers wondering just how you got that buttery smooth footy.

Evo has a pretty detailed app for iPhone and Android platforms that works with the controls on the gimbal handle or you can just mount your phone and run the camera manually. Panoramic photos, silky video angles and top-notch stabilization make this a winning gift for techies. You can even mount your GoPro in the Shift gimbal and double the versatility of this unit.

Price: $149;

Royal Racing Storm Short

Royal’s Storm shorts have saved our ass more than once. On days when you just have to get out and ride, or those unexpected mud puddles sneak up on you, these waterproof, fully taped and sealed shorts will keep you and your behind happy. A ratcheting waistband closure makes the shorts easy to cinch up, even when your fingers are cold and grimy.

Price: $99;

Royal Racing Storm Short Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers
WTB Volt Saddle Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

WTB Volt Saddle

Available in three widths, the Volt is WTB’s most popular saddle. The Cromoly rail version is comfortable and durable thanks to a flex-tuned shell and microfiber cover. If you’re in need of a lean, simple saddle that gets the job done and won’t break the bank check it out.

Price: $89.95;

Maxima Maintenance Kit

Winter is brewing, which means that you’ll be coming home from rides with a filthy bike. We’ve always believed that if you love your bike, it will love you back. But instead of buying flowers, we give ours a little Maxima love.

A combo of Maxima’s wash and degreaser will lift the toughest grime, leaving your frame and drivetrain clean. We love their slick, hydrophobic spray on coatings too.  No matter how nasty the weather, their chain lubes, grease and assembly lube are also top notch and keep everything running smooth. Be sure to check out their SC1 spray, which we like to call, “New bike in a can.”

SC1: $10.50
Bio Wash: $8.95
Suspension Clean: $8.95
Waterproof Grease: $8.95
Chain Wax: $9.95
Chain Pro: $9.95
Synthetic Chain Guard: $9.95
Assembly Lube: $9.95

Schwalbe Addix Tires Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Schwalbe Addix Tires

If you’ve been good this year, you may be lucky enough to find some new Schwalbe Addix tires in your stocking. Some of our favorite tires, the new Addix compound rubbers take all the Schwalbe tread patterns we love and give them a major bump in traction and durability.

Addix rubber comes in four different forms– Speed, Speedgrip, Soft and Ultra Soft depending on the tire’s intended purpose. We’ve been running these tires hard for an entire season and have nothing but good things to say about them. If you want more info, check out our long term review.

Price: $98;

Deity TMAC Pedals

Even though we’re regularly playing with the latest and greatest parts, we still have dream wish lists of our own and these pedals are near the top every single time. The attention to detail, feel under foot and traction are just a couple of our favorite things.

Tall pins, an extra deep concave platform and quality bearings make them a literal dream come true for diehard flat pedal fans. They also come in a rainbow of colors to match your ride and come with a bag of replacement pins. We’ll go as far as saying these are one of the best flat pedals on the market.

Price: $169;

Deity TMAC Pedals Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers
Moment Phone Lenses Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Moment Cell Phone Lenses

There’s no better way to up your mobile video or photo game than with a set of Moment lenses. Built out of metal and glass, they have top-notch optics for tack sharp photos in any conditions.

Moment offers a macro, telephoto, wide angle, and a super wide fisheye lens. We’ve been using two generations of these lenses and have taken them around the world with zero complaints. Every year Moment launches their holiday sale with 20% off the entire site from November 27-30 so be sure to jump on that opportunity as these are some of the best phone lenses out there. You can also head over to our detailed review of these lenses here.

Moment Wide:
Moment Superfish: $89.99,
Moment Photo Case: $29.99;

Pearl Izumi Versa Short

As winter sets in, it’s important to have gear that can span a range of weather conditions. While they may look like a set of casual shorts, the Pearl Izumi Versa’s are a top-notch set of riding bottoms.

Our favorite feature is their versatility. Whether you’re hiking, riding, at the bar or doing anything for that matter, these shorts are breathable and comfortable. The DWR fabric is durable and also water resistant should the skies decide to open up. These have become some of the most worn shorts in our collection for a reason. Read our review here if you want the full scoop.

Price: $100;

Pearl Izumi Versa Short Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers
FiveTen best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Five Ten Impact Pro

The new Impact Pros are burly, protective and offer some new features without the bulk of previous generations. Weight has been reduced, insole height has dropped about 30%, and the shoe now uses synthetic material to help shed water on wet trails. The shoes are very stiff overall and the reinforced toe box is built to withstand impacts with any unforeseen stump or rock.

Price: $160;

100% Storbi Jacket

One of our favorite winter jackets, the Storbi is a lightly lined piece of kit that will keep you warm and dry. It’s a bit thicker than most shell style jackets but still rolls up into a riding pack when things warm up. The Storbi has a casual, stylish cut with a drop tail and large hood. Check our review here.

Price: $110;

100% Storbi Jacket Gifts for Mountain Bikers
100% RaceCraft+ Gifts for Mountain Bikers

100 % Racecraft+ Goggle

If the cold winter air has your eyes watering, check out the new Racecraft goggle. Four layers of foam catch sweat and provide comfort while a 1.75mm injected HD lens keeps your peepers safe and focused. They look killer, have a large field of view and come in a variety of colors, what’s not to love?

Price: $85;

Cane Creek Helm Fork

After creating some of the most-discussed shocks in the MTB world, Cane Creek has thrown their hat in the ring with their new Helm fork. This 27.5 fork is built around 35mm stanchions and comes with 150-, 160-, or 170mm of travel.

Offering air volume adjustments via their internal 8-position indexed system, high- and low-speed compression and rebound adjustments, Cane Creek lives up to their reputation of offering dampers than can be fine-tuned by their consumers to suit individual needs.

Price: $1,100;

Shred Brain Box

McGazza Forever Edition

The legacy of the big man lives on in Shred’s latest full face DH lid. This was a helmet that Kelly McGarry had a major influence in creating before his death. Available in three colors, our favorite is the McGazza Edition as it gives a nod to his Kiwi routes and also secures a donation to keep New Zealand shredders on the up and up.

Designed for the rigors of DH and freeriding, the Brain Box features a rotational impact mitigation technology called RES, Rotational Energy System. A quick release buckle, Aegis Microbe Shield padding and a fiberglass shell are just some of the helmets key features.

Price: $220;

FSA Grid Handlebar

Catering to the aggressive rider on a budget, FSA has a full line ready to roll while still leaving cash in the wallet for your favorite burrito stand. Double-butted and tapered 6061-aluminum mean this bar is ready to take a beating.

Price: $49;

Oakley CrossRange Hatch Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Oakley Crossrange Hatch

These modular glasses let you easily transform from casual to active without any lens smearing wrestle matches. Interchangeable temples and nosepad pieces mean you can now have one pair of glasses to do it all. As with all Oakley glasses, technology and color options abound so head over to their site and check ‘em out.

Price: $153;

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