Deity TMAC Pedals

Deity TMAC Flat Pedal Review

Words & Photos by Chili Dog

Several years ago I was just a nerdy grom hanging out at my buddy’s local jump spot. This day was special however as Tyler McCaul made a stop on his road trip to ride the jumps. After the usual riding and bike part chat, Tyler started talking about the new pedals he was designing with Deity Components. He was excited to be a part of creating and having a signature product, and told me that the pedals he was working on were literally, “My favorite pedals of all time.”

Naturally, I was intrigued, asking for more specifics on his plans. An ultra wide and deep concave platform was at the top of his list. It’s something that a lot of pedal manufacturers tout, but Tyler wanted to take it further than anyone ever had.

It was several years after our chat until I actually got to hold a set of the pedals in my hands, but when I did I was blown away. Development took almost three years, with Deity even risking the expense to switch molds part way through to ensure the pedal was 100% perfect.

The work paid off however. It was like Tyler and Deity had quite literally created my dream pedal. The design took everything I loved a step beyond what any other company had. With a platform measuring 110mm x 105mm and carved out with a massive 2.5mm deep concave center, I was in love.

Deity TMAC Pedals

The Lab

Deity is never shy to try something new. A company that puts rider feedback above all else, the TMAC is a pedal designed for the flat pedal connoisseur. Constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum, the pedals are machined with a care and attention to detail that few companies would be willing to invest in. Thanks to the non-offset design, the 110mm x 105mm platform feels even larger than the numbers would suggest.

The chromoly spindle helps keep the pedals spinning on multi micro sealed bearings and Deity DU Bushings. Fourteen replaceable pins per side provide traction, and are arranged around the outer frame of the pedal. The center is smooth and pin free to aid in small foot adjustments while riding.

Deity TMAC Pedals

The Dirt

To be perfectly honest, these are the best pedals that I have ever stepped on. While pedal preference is a very personal choice, the combination of a larger platform and the exaggerated concave center cradles my size 12 feet perfectly. Tyler and Deity did it right on these pedals, taking the time to fine tune the smallest of details like the mud shedding channels machined into the body. They also achieved a great balance of traction and pin placement. They aren’t the grippiest flats on the market, so if maximum grip is your thing, the TMAC pedals may not be for you. If complete control, and being able to make small foot adjustments while riding are your thing, then the TMAC can’t be beat.

They key to the TMAC’s success is that is doesn’t rely entirely on the pedal pins for foot retention. Instead, the TMAC’s concave center cradles the ball of your foot and lets you retain just enough foot rotation and movement while still having control to throw the bike around. The large platform also aids in the overall sense of security on these pedals.

Instead of feeling like your foot is on top of the pedal, TMAC’s give a sense that your foot is in the pedal. Testers also noted that because of the pedal’s large platform, foot comfort during extended periods of standing was vastly improved as weight is distributed over a larger surface area. That extra platform also means that if you do loose a foot and need to get it back on the pedal quickly, you’ve got a larger margin for error.

While most pedals have gone to a “thinner is better” design ethos, Deity bucked the trend and listened to their rider who’s living life on his pedals. The TMAC measures 16.5mm on the outer edge and 14mm in the center. Not once did I wish for a thinner pedal. In fact, many of the ultra thin pedals on the market today leave me wanting, as they often have an almost completely flat platform or even convex and rely entirely on the pins to keep your feet on the pedals.

Deity TMAC Pedals

The Wolf’s Last Word

Since we change bikes like most people change socks, we’re afforded the chance to ride a whole lot of pedals. By my count, I’ve been on over 13 different sets of pedals in 2017, and I’m probably forgetting some. After all those options, I am still convinced the Deity TMAC is the best pedal I have ever set my size 12 feet on.

Not all riders will like the TMAC. We had one tester that didn’t love them, citing a lack of traction– and he’s right. The TMAC pedals aren’t the grippiest on the market, but they weren’t designed to be. They strike a delicate balance between security and an optimal amount of pedal float that lets your shift your foot to move the bike in the air or on the ground. Riders seeking a clipless level of traction should look elsewhere. For riders yearning for the flat pedal feel that has only been in their dreams– the TMAC is the answer.

Price: $169.00
Weight: 409 grams
Available in seven anodized colors

We Dig

Attention to Detail
Large Platform

We Don’t

Some May Not Like Float

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