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There’s a whole lot of drink mixes and sports supplements on the market these days and most follow a similar formula. Just ask Nathan Cox who worked as an ingredient specialist formulating a lot of the stuff currently in the supplement market. Of course, just because there’s a lot of something doesn’t mean that it can’t be done better. That very idea is what jump-started TRUWILD, an endurance supplement company founded by roommates, Nathan Cox and Zac Curhan. Nathan was in a position to see first hand where the supplement industry was going and decided to make the change he wanted to see.


The Lab

In a world full of options, we were intrigued to learn just why TRUWILD felt they could set up in a crowded world and offer something different. “My roommate and supplement ingredient specialist Nathan had an idea for a plant-based pre-work out that he wanted to launch,” said Zac, as he thought back to the beginnings of TRUWILD. “He was passionate about making something to help outdoor enthusiast like I was, so we teamed up after living together to make it happen.” The premise is simple, according to Zac, “We make a hydration supplement from only natural plant-based ingredients. TRUWILD started because we love what we do. We want to serve the community by delivering a product that helps athletes push past their physical boundaries. Not all supplements need to have mystery ingredients.”

Inside the mix you’ll find only eleven ingredients. Their website clearly lays out each ingredient, its benefits and where it’s sourced from. TRUWILD also links any applicable scientific research for the ingredients used. Transparency is at the core of the whole project.

Performance comes from a combination blend of six organic-certified Ayurvedic Mushroom strains grown right here in the U.S. that have been clinically proven to improve your VO2 max (albeit slightly). To prevent cramps, they also include Covico, a coconut water concentrate that provides 100mg of potassium per scoop of mix. Prolonged natural energy comes in the form of Platinose, a beet sugar derived carbohydrate. Quick energy comes from natural caffeine and taurine while Citrulline & Arginine from watermelon and apple rinds increase ATP production and stamina. Himilayan Pink salt provides the electrolytes needed during hard activity and perspiration. Keeping in line with the healthy formula, there are no colors, preservatives or high fructose corn syrups used.


The Dirt

We’ve tried a lot of drink mixes and supplements over the years as riders and media testers, but our requirements are simple: It must be easy to chug on a ride, taste good, be hydrating, and it must help provide energy during a ride. Riding bikes isn’t like going to the gym. We need sustained energy and hydration for hours at a time, especially down in SoCal where ambient temps are usually above 75 degrees. TRUWILD meets those requirements.

Right out of the bag TRUWILD impresses with its easy mixing. It easily dissolves completely into ice cold water without leaving a sludgy syrup at the bottom of your favorite water bottle. It cleans out easily too, and even when we accidentally left a bottle in out hot car for a week, it didn’t smell like a failed science experiment when we discovered it.

We enjoy that TRUWILD isn’t some cleverly marketed concoction of dyes, sugar and synthetic caffeine. It’s actually the real deal designed to help you hydrate while giving you that little extra edge of energy and focus. TRUWILD does have an all natural caffeine content, but it isn’t loaded to the point that you’re shaking or twitchy like chugging a can of Monster will do. Instead, it’s like someone just turned up your brain’s focus dials. TRUWILD claim it’s about the same amount of caffeine as found in one and a half cups of coffee thanks to the blend of green coffee beans, green tea, and yerba mate.

The Wolf’s Last Word

After using it hiking, riding, and even just for drinking instead of a cup of coffee, we can honestly say that TRUWILD doesn’t disappoint. It tastes good, it’s easy to drink and keeps us going. It does have a minimally sticky aftertaste sensation that most supplement mixes have. Aside from that it’s easy to drink and gets the job done so we can get on with our ride free of cramps and cottonmouth.

Price: $37.99 (7.05oz bag)
Website: Social: Tru_Wild

We Dig

Easy to Mix
All Natural

We Don’t

Sticky Aftertaste

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