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Testing wet weather gear in Southern California? What was I thinking? I may have bitten off more than I could chew volunteering to review the Hydromatic Collection from 100%. Finally, after months of waiting, the water gods finally opened up the clouds to provide some proper test conditions. Per 100%’s website, this gear is designed to provide a lightweight, aerodynamic fit while keeping you warm and dry without sacrificing style or comfort. In our opinion, there is a sacrifice to style when you have to look like a traffic cone on the trail. Lucky for those less concerned with visibility, 100% has a very stylish black on black camo option as well.

The Lab

The Hydromatic jacket is constructed with a polyester/elastane stretch plain weave with a 10k/10k waterproof and breathable 2.5 laminate shell. In layman’s terms, the 10k/10k rating means that this jacket is waterproof (rainproof) under light pressure so it’s good for light rain and/or average snowfall conditions. The jacket features fully taped seams to help keep water from seeping in during the ride and has waterproof pocket zippers for added security. There is an elongated vent on the back of the jacket for increased airflow. The jacket lacks a hood, which can be a deal breaker for those who live in areas that receive more precipitation than Southern California.

100% Hydromatic Jacket

The Hydromatic short is also constructed of the polyester/elastane weave and utilizes the same 10k/10k waterproof laminate as the jacket. Unlike the color way of the jacket I tested, the shorts are very stylish–black with a subtle, black triangular design. They have a hidden dual snap button closure and to dial in the fit and a adjustable, internal hook and loop waist tabs. Two waterproof pockets help keep your essentials dry.

100% Hydromatic Short

The Dirt

I’ve been sitting on this set of riding gear for quite a while, waiting for the perfect chance to legitimately test in wet weather. In SoCal that only happens once in a blue moon. Once those rare days arrived I set out to see how they would do. The jacket and the shorts do exactly what they claim, keeping me warm and dry during the 25-mile rainy day ride.

As with most cold or wet weather riding gear, the jacket has its strengths and weaknesses, most notably, the trade-off between ventilation (especially with a pack) and water repelling. I’ve taken it on a couple cool (55-60*) morning rides and a few minutes into the ascent, I found myself overheating and beginning to sweat. I wish there were vents on the front or sides and not just on the back since those get covered up by a pack. Even completely unzipped, the jacket was usually just too much for the So Cal weather. Thankfully, due to its lightweight construction, it rolls up super tight and can fit in the small side pocket of my pack. On the flip side, for such a small and thin jacket, it does a good job of keeping you warm once your body begins to heat up. The jacket blocks water and breeze, making it a nice piece of gear for cool and wet rides, like what anyone not in So Cal has to endure.

100% Hyromatic Jacket

Hidden-zipper hand pockets

100% Hyromatic Jacket

Adjustable Velcro cuff closures

100% Hyromatic Jacket

Rear Exhaust vents

I have spent far more days in the Hydromatic shorts since they’re much more breathable and more of an everyday piece of kit. The tailor-fit shorts have become one of my favorite bottoms to ride in. Aside from being waterproof and having such a tailored fit, they are just like any other pair of riding shorts.

I developed an issue with the pockets, specifically the outer taped seams, although I’ve since realized it was most likely user error. The pocket’s taped seams have begun to lift and tear, potentially hindering the waterproofing of the pockets. Full disclosure here, I have sent the shorts through the dryer a time or two, which is a big no-no with waterproof gear. We’ll call it, “product testing” and not negligence.

The shorts do not come with a chamois, though I don’t consider this a negative as I ride with a G-Form bib. One thing I did find to be a negative however, is the lack of any type of gripper around the waistband to prevent them from moving around while riding. This would be a nice bonus feature especially since the shorts are designed to be worn in the wet.

100% Hyromatic Short

Pocket Sealed-Seam Zipper

100% Hyromatic Short

Adjustable, internal hook and loop waist tabs

100% Hyromatic Short

The Wolf’s Last Word

100%’s Hydromatic Short and Jacket do everything they were designed to do. They keep you dry in a light rain, keep you warm in cold temperatures and keep you looking good while doing it…as long as you get the black jacket that is. Based on my research of the Hydromatic’s competition, I believe the jacket would benefit from the addition of vented pockets and/or zippered armpit vents. A good portion of the waterproof jackets on the market (Fox Attack Pro Water, Royal Matrix, Dakine Caliber, to name a few) have some sort of forward facing ventilation, which, if the Hydromatic Jacket had would boost the performance of the exhaust vents on the back of the jacket and allow for better air flow.

I’m also happy to see 100%’s product quality has gone up quite a bit since my first experience with their gear a few years ago. My once negative impression has been turned around and I’m now a fan. At $169 the Hydromatic Jacket is an investment and priced in the middle of the road when compared to other brand’s equipment. The Hydromatic Short retails for $129. I would hands down recommend the shorts as a great all-weather option. For us spoiled So Cal guys who barely find the need to use a jacket like this, it’s a big spend, however if you live in an area with more regular rainfall, then you know just how important quality gear is. This jacket, while slim and minimal, is a good option for those looking for a hoodless shell with minimal ventilation.

Shorts – $129
Jacket – $169

Shorts – 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38
Jacket –  S, M, L, XL

Website: ride100percent.com

We Dig

Tailor Fit (Shorts)

We Don’t

Poor Ventilation (Jacket)
Color (Jacket)

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