Douchebags Hugger 30L

Douchebags Hugger 30L

Words and Photos by Chili Dog

Whether you’re a full time road warrior or just taking the occasional day trip on the weekends, everyone needs a good backpack. We always keep an eye out for them with our busy travel schedules and the Hugger 30L is the latest bag to hit our carry-on list. Duffle bags are generally my go to, since the large, undivided interior space makes them versatile. I like a bag that can carry anything and everything. The Hugger 30L is exactly that, but with the added comfort of a backpack.

The Lab

Swedish freeski legend Jon Olsson and Norwegian product designer, Truls Brataas founded Douchebags when they wanted to create better options for carrying gear. From day one, the brand was created with action sports in mind, but with an aesthetic flair to fit in anywhere. The core of the Douchebag ethos is to make bags that are light, durable and fit your stuff. The Hugger 30L is designed to be the perfect carry-on bag. At 30L, it’s just big enough to be roomy, while still stowing comfortably under the seat in front of you.

Douchebags Hugger 30L

The bag’s structure comes from lightweight ABS ribs instead of the usual soft, padded sides that most bags have. The ribs provide strength and let the bag retain its shape even when empty. The top has a carrying handle, and two clips that let the bag attach and piggyback on any of Douchebag’s roller bags. On the rear are two adjustable and padded shoulder straps.

The inside has one large, central compartment. On the interior sides are two zippered pockets for holding smaller loose items. Beneath the main compartment and accessed from the side is a laptop sleeve that accommodates up to a 15” computer. Padding separates the laptop compartment from the user’s back. The only other compartment is a rectangular pocket at the top of the bag, which also has a zippered pouch.

Douchebags Hugger 30L

The Dirt

When this bag first showed up, I was a little skeptical. With only two compartments and a laptop sleeve, it doesn’t have a ton of compartmentalization like a normal backpack would. If you’re OCD and like to have you’re stuff all segregated then you’ll be vexed by the Hugger 30L. I was in that camp until I unlocked the power of the hugger. Like a duffle bag, I could just toss everything in, and I was amazed with how much stuff I could actually fit. Instead of awkwardly carrying it next to you like a duffle bag, you can throw the Hugger on your back. That kind of stuff matters when you have a short layover in a big airport!

Once I started filling up the zippered pockets and the top chamber, my smaller items could be separated from the main chamber. I had no problem fitting four days worth of clothes and toiletries in this bag. The looped outer straps are also perfect for clipping a helmet or pads to. While I was set on my duffle bag before this, the back straps are much more comfortable on long treks through the airport.

Even on day trips where I had to bring extra shoes, a helmet and other gear, the Hugger 30L was happy to accommodate everything I needed. The inner and outer fabrics are also very easy to clean when they inevitably get covered in dirt.

Douchebags Hugger 30L

The Wolf’s Last Word

Though I was skeptical at first, the Hugger 30L has become my go to bag for any trip I go on. Douchebags impressed me with their incredibly well thought out design and every time I pack it I can’t believe how much I can stuff in inside. The build quality is fantastic, the materials are easy to clean and hold up well. If I could make one suggestion to make this the perfect bag it would be to add removable dividers for the main compartment. Regardless of my dream mod, chances are if you see me running through the airport or hopping into a truck for a quick trip, you’ll see this bag attached to me!

Price: $159

Douchebags Hugger 30L

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