OneUp Components EDC Tool System

OneUp Components EDC Tool System

Words & Photos by Drew Rohde

With 20 years of mountain biking under my belt, I’ve developed a pretty reliable load for my Camelbak so I can be prepared for whatever surprises may come up on the trail. However, as neck and back injuries have taken their toll and bike reliability greatly improved, I find myself wanting to take less and less crap on my body, especially when I’m just going out for an hour rip. Utilibibs are a great option but can lead to uncomfortable situations should you land on a bulky metal object wedged into your lycra bib. OneUp has developed a handy way for riders to set and forget their toolkit inside the steerer tube of your fork. Say goodbye to forgotten tools and Torx-bruises on your ass.

OneUp Components EDC Tool System

The Lab

This handy toolkit was clearly designed by guys who know what you need to fix your bike trailside. We’ve made some stops by the OneUp guy’s headquarters at the base of some epic trails in Squamish, BC and after checking out their laboratory, it’s pretty clear to see why they’ve developed such a cool piece of kit.

The tool includes: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm hex keys, T25 Torx key, a tire lever, chain breaker, Quick Link breaker, spare Quick Link storage, flat head screwdriver, 0, 1, 2, 3 spoke keys, Presta valve core tool, an EDC top cap tool, spare chainring bolt and a sealed storage capsule. The capsule fits 12, 16 or 20g Co2 cartridges but we’ve heard some people store other inflatables inside. Even more impressive, the whole kit weighs less than 230 grams.

OneUp has some detailed instructions and compatibility charts on their site, which you can see here. They’ve got a pretty detailed set up video but essentially what is required is the removal of the star-fangled nut inside the steerer tube followed by the threading of the inside of the steerer tube. The OneUp top cap then threads into the newly threaded steerer tube. From there the tool assembly slides down into the steer tube and clips into place.

OneUp Components EDC Tool System

The Wolf’s Last Word

There’s not much to say about the product other than to praise the designers for their creativity! It took a lot of thinking and hard work to make something so simple and efficient. The EDC kit doesn’t do a lot, it isn’t something you think about during your entire ride or even every ride for that matter. But when you do think about it, you’ll find it right there, ready for action.

The quality of the tools included is impressive and even after lots of turning and tightening, the corners of the hex keys remain sharp and pronounced. Functionality is smooth and the tools are easy to pull out of their cave when they’re needed, unlike some fingernail breaking tools we’ve used in the past. We will say, the chain tools are not as easy to use or intuitive as dedicated or larger multi-tools, but if the option is having this, or nothing, this will get you back on the trail.

If you’re cool with doing some minor modification to your fork by threading the steerer tube, this 25-minute, two root beer install will save you plenty more time searching through your pack or begging strangers for tools ‘cuz you forgot to pack something along for your quick ride.

Price: $59

OneUp Components EDC Tool System

We Dig

Tidy and Neat Integration
Always There
Color Options

We Don’t

Chain Tool is a bit Tricky
Sold Out


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