G-Form Pro Trail Gloves

G-Form Pro Trail Glove Review

Words by Drew Rohde | Photos by Nic Hall

G-Form is probably best known for their alien-looking knee pads, but our interest was piqued when they handed over a pair of their gloves. The Pro Trail gloves have quickly become some of our favorite paw protectors for rowdy days on the moto or mountain bike. The Pro Trail gloves are packed full of features and come in black, which is the color we would have selected if we weren’t being photo conscious.

The Lab

As you’ve most likely experienced, the trend with most gloves has gone the direction of condoms, thin and offering as little protection as possible. Leaving our hands free to enjoy the feel of cacti, tree bark and rocks as they gently caress our delicate digits. While that is great for mellow days under the hot sun, that’s not the only time we ride bikes, so it’s great to see some brands still offering gloves with hand protection.

Gloves aren’t usually an item that require a ton of technical detail and explanation–they either fit well and last, or they don’t. As such, glove reviews are highly subjective to each user’s hand size and preference, but when a glove has a bit more to offer, we find it worthwhile to take the time and pass along our experiences.

G-Form Pro Trail Gloves

G-Form decided to go beyond just making a simple glove. They used body mapping to ensure their RPT impact absorbing material is laid down at key points on the knuckles and fingers. RPT, or Reactive Protection Technology, is the brand’s trademarked padding that remains soft and flexible until impact, when the molecules bind together and cause the pad to stiffen up. All four fingers have a thin yet effective strip of RPT.

The palm side of the glove features a seamless one-piece synthetic leather material with perforations for breathability. The outer edge of the palm also has a slightly thicker reinforced section that is usually the first to go when your hand hits the deck. Both the thumb and index finger tips also feature smart phone friendly material, which worked very well during our mid-ride swiping, Instagram double-tapping and chairlift selfie testing.

G-Form Pro Trail Gloves

The Wolf’s Last Word

G-Form’s Pro Trail gloves are one of our favorites, aside from the white color. Luckily they offer a black glove with all the same features. Our highlight list includes the terry cloth thumbs, smart phone friendly finger tips on the thumb and index fingers and RPT padding on the knuckles. Our testers found the gloves to be very comfortable and although the palm is a bit thicker than some of the minimalist options on the market, we certainly didn’t feel like we were riding with socks on our hands. In fact the slightly thicker material has only extended both the life of the gloves and our hands, which we always appreciate.

For $49.99 you’re getting a heck of a lot of technology in a glove that protects one of your most vital assets. Maybe we’re just getting old but protecting our body is sounding better and better every day. However, we’re not quite old enough to sacrifice on-bike performance or comfort for protection, so maybe we’re not that old. Luckily with G-Form’s Pro Trail gloves, no concessions are made in either department, which leaves only the positives to discuss. Two scratch free thumbs up!

Price: $49.99
Website: G-form.com

We Dig


Smart Phone Friendly

We Don’t

We Wish They Sent a Black Pair


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