SR Suntour Presents

Tech Tips with Kyle Warner

Words, Video and Photos by JP Gendron

Whether you’re a professional enduro racer like Kyle Warner, constantly traveling from race to race or predominately riding your home trails, being able to easily maintain and service your bike is essential. SRSUNTOUR’s philosophy of Quick Service Products, allows every rider or mechanic to efficiently do basic maintenance either in the shop or on the road, without the need for proprietary tooling or a messy oil bath. In this video Kyle walks through how to drop lowers, clean, and re-sauce his Durolux 29″ RC2-PCS, at the trailhead of his local network in Boise, ID. The process Kyle is teaching in this video will also work for other SRSUNTOUR air forks. Refined Simplicity.

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SR Suntour Tech Tuesday Kyle Warner