Kitsbow Adjustable Short V4

Kitsbow Adjustable Short V4 Review

The Everyday Short

Words & Photos by Sourpatch

A couple months ago, we reviewed Kitsbow’s Merino Ride tee and are happy follow that up with their Adjustable Short V4 We usually prefer to review shorts and tops as a complete kit, but due to timing and sample availability, we had to wait and wonder. The wait is over and the new Adjustable Short V4 lives up to my expectations after spending some quality time in the jersey and shorts.


When it comes to the construction and features of the Adjustable V4 Short, Kitsbow really held nothing back. Made from the finest Swiss-Schoeller shape fabric, the short is both durable and tough, yet it remains highly breathable. Comfort is impressive and the shorts offer a stretchy, silky feel in the hand and on the legs.

The fabric has also been treated with Schoeller’s 3XDRY water-resistant finish. The “Adjustable” in the name comes from the integrated Fidlock magnetic snap belt. There are 3-inches of adjustability that help keep the shorts in place without a noticeable presence. Keys, snacks and other items can be stored in any of the four mesh bagged pockets. The two front pockets and the back-left pocket are secured with a zipper closure, while the back-right pocket utilizes only a flap to keep its contents in place.

Kitsbow Adjustable Short V4


I’ve spent the better part of three months wearing these shorts between the usual trail riding at Sky Park, hiking some of the local trails and even wearing them to the office. Yes, they are that comfortable. The tailored cut offers maximum range of movement and mobility on the bike. The leg hems stop about midway down the knee, despite my worries of my knee pads getting caught on the hems and bunching the shorts up with every pedal, the worries were in vain.

At 6’2” and 160lbs I opted to go with a size medium. Kitsbow is very transparent on their site and say the shorts run a bit larger than other shorts on the market with similar sizing specs. They were right, the shorts were a bit loose in the hips but that issue was quickly handled thanks to the integrated belt. As testing progressed however I noticed myself having to readjust the belt occasionally as it would seem to loosen up slightly.

Kitsbow Adjustable Short V4

The front pocket placement on the V4’s is honestly one of my favorite things about these shorts. They are deep enough to fit a phone, car keys, wallet or trail snacks stowed safely and in a comfortable part of my leg. As I’d leave the truck for big rides I’d begin to stuff sourpatch kids and other power fuel in my pockets only to find I already had leftover gummy worms from last right still there. No matter the load, full pockets went almost unnoticed whether I was pedaling up or railing descents on the way to 7-11. I even forgot my wallet in the back right pocket, the one with the flap closure and was relieved to see it was still there when I went to grab lunch after a morning session at Sky Park.

The material has remained in tact and looks good even after several months of use on and off the bike. Ventilation and warmth are one of my small critiques when it comes to the short’s performance. They work better while moving for sure. If you’re spending a lot of time in direct sunlight or not moving they feel a little toasty.

The Wolf’s Last Word

Irreplaceable. The one word I would use to describe this exemplary pair of shorts. The tailor-like cut, unrivaled Swiss-Schoeller shape fabric and subtle styling leave very little to be desired. Sure, they may be just about the most expensive short on the market but after spending so much time in them the last couple of months, it’s hard to find reasons that don’t justify the cost. They still look new despite the countless trail outings they have been on and not too mention the everyday abuse they see when I wear them to work. Maybe if I’m lucky they’ll send another pair my way so I can keep one fresh for my casual activities and keep this pair for days in the dirt.

Price: $265
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Colors: Charcoal Grey, Ultra Navy, Black Olive

We Dig

Performance Tailor-Cut
Pocket Ergonomics
Subtle Styling
Integrated Belt and Fidlock Closure

We Don’t



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