WTB Loam Wolf Saddle

WTB Loam Wolf Edition Saddle

WTB and The Loam Wolf have partnered to offer a limited edition Loam Wolf saddle with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Trans-Cascadia and the ongoing trail development and advocacy work they provide the Pacific Northwest mountain biking community.

Since Loam Wolf is based out of Oregon, it made the also relatively new Trans-Cascadia non-profit a clear choice as the beneficiary of this limited edition WTB / Loam Wolf saddle. Started in 2015, Trans-Cascadia is a fully supported 4-day, blind-format enduro race with stages spanning across the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest. However, it’s more than just a race in the sense that the event is only one aspect of the organizations larger mission to build sustainable trails throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The Trans-Cascadia organization works closely with the forest service and regional land managers to develop and maintain backcountry routes that span all over Oregon. While these trails are used for racing during the yearly Trans-Cascadia event, they are also incorporated into the local trail systems after the race.

We opted to use the Volt as the saddle of choice for our collaboration. Medium padding thickness and subtle curves make the Volt WTB’s most popular mountain saddle. We then took the saddle and gave it our Loam Wolf touch. We’re stoked to work with WTB to offer a bad ass saddle for a cause. If helping build trails and comfortable seating with a flair are in your wheelhouse, this saddle is for you.

Leave a comment below and we’ll select two winners to receive a free saddle directly from us!

Or get yours now on WTB’s website.

WTB Loam Wolf Saddle