Joe’s No Flats Eco Sealant

Joe’s No Flats Eco Sealant

Environmentally Friendly Flat Protection

Words & Photos by Drew Rohde

As we cruised the Sea Otter Classic expo area last April, we heard boisterous cheering coming from the Joe’s No Flats tent space. A large crowd was gathered around, cheering as one of their sponsored athletes was bunny hopping onto a board of nails. He would turn around, and then wheelie across the nails. The only proof that the nails weren’t fake were the tiny bluish-white sealant spots oozing out of the tire. This continued for several minutes and after the show ended, we stuck around to see how we could get our hands on some of this sealant. Especially since Chilidog has a special skill at flatting tires.

The meeting was a success and Joe’s was not only excited to get us some Eco Sealant to review, but also wanted to fire over their complete line of bicycle washing and lubrication supplies. We’ve spent the better part of summer and fall season testing all they sent us and have been very impressed.

Beyond regular testing in SoCal and Oregon, Joe’s Eco Sealant came with us on our dual sport adventure to Idaho where we rode eight Joe’s-sealed tires on some of Silver Mountain bike park’s roughest trails. And we did it on short travel trail bikes. During our long test period we only incurred one unfixable flat that came from a very large tear right at the bead of the tire.

Joe’s No Flats Eco Sealant

To test the efficiency of the sealant in a controlled environment, we inserted this screw and then removed it. It took about seven rotations of the tire before it sealed and the tire only lost about 2.5 PSI.

Beyond the sealant’s impressive ability to seal punctures quickly and repeatedly, is the fact it’s totally environmentally friendly. If you’re camping, out on the trail or just swapping tires in your own yard, you can rest assured knowing this latex-free, ammonia-free sealant won’t damage the soil we love so much.

In the nearly one dozen tires we’ve been testing since June, most are still working on the original fill up. A couple of tires required some topping off since we didn’t’ use a ton of sealant for the initial set up. Joe’s calls for 3-12 months efficiency, depending on your original pour and weather conditions.

Joe’s No Flats Eco Sealant

While we never enjoy dumping chemicals in the wild, knowing the sealant is environmentally friendly makes us feel better should we have to swap tires at a race or trailhead.

Joe’s Eco Sealant is without a doubt one of our favorite sealants on the market and will definitely get put in our personal rigs until the bottle runs dry. We really like that the formula is non-toxic and seals punctures quickly. Another highlight for us is the fact it doesn’t dry inside the tire and cement the rubber to the rim. We often swap tires and wheels for review purposes so it’s a delight when we don’t have to get the blowtorch going to remove month old tires.

Joe’s offers a very robust line of sealants, bike wash and lubrication products that are effective and non-toxic. They do have some more aggressive sealants for racing purposes or other specifications, however we can’t imagine them working much faster or better than the Eco Sealant. A variety of sizes are available from single serving 2-oz. trailside bottles to large 1-liter bottles.

Price: Starting at $6

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