Feedback Sports Velo Hinge

Feedback Sports Velo Hinge


Words & Photos by Drew Rohde

Chances are, if you’re looking at this site you’ve got the same kind of sickness I do. The one that means you’re always looking for that next bike you gotta have, the deal that’s too good to pass up, or a sure way to piss off your significant other. Lucky for us, brands like Feedback Sports have been working on bike storage solutions to organize our obsession as fast as we’re trying to expand it. After learning about Feedback Sports’ Velo Hinge, I begged them to help us organize my life. Since I certainly wasn’t going to sell any of the motorcycles to make room, I had to get creative. “Lucky for you, we’re in the business of storing bikes and saving marriages,” was the quick reply.

Built using powder coated steel, these Velo Hinge miracles have a load capacity of 50 pounds and require a mounting area of 7.25” x 3.5” and are just over half an inch thick. The Velo Hinge ships with a relatively shallow hook so you’ll need to upgrade to the Long Hook for $5.99 a piece. This is one area we’d critique Feedback Sports on, but I guess $32 for a hinged hook is still pretty reasonable.

Feedback Sports Velo Hinge

Each hook also comes with a rear tire stop, which stabilizes the bike as it sways towards the wall. When not in use, you can open the Velo Hinge door and close the hook inside for a streamline and minimalistic appearance.

You have the option to set up the swing direction to the left or right by flipping the hook bar to accommodate your storage needs. In the garage I have the bikes swaying to the left and in my shed I have them going to the right. It’s an easy swap and they only take a moment to mount up. The three included screws thread right into your wall stud and hold the unit and bike up without any concern.

The Velo Hinge units are clean, look nice and will motivate you to do more than just drill them into a stud. I opted to build a decorative front and screw the plates into a nicer looking board that allowed me to customize the height of each bike and improve the overall aesthetic of the wall.

Feedback Sports Velo Hinge

The Wolf’s Last Word

If space is tight in the home or shop, we highly recommend checking out the Velo Hinge by Feedback Sports. I really like the functionality and simpleness of the design and while I do wish they came with the Long hooks, it’s a $6 upgrade that all mountain bikers will greatly appreciate.

Along with my wall storage improvement, I was surprised to find some new Rakk XL floor stands in my box. As the eBike test fleet grows, I’ve realized that my old floor racks weren’t up to the task and the Rakk XL is more than capable of holding these wide-tired beasts. If you are looking for a floor mounted storage option, I also suggest checking out the new Rakk or Rakk XL. Thank you Feedback Sports for making my garage, shed and life better!

Velo Hinge: $25.99
Long Hook upgrade: $5.99
Rakk XL: $49.99;


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