A Curated Gift List for Mountain Bikers

We took quite a bit of time to hand pick this list of the best gifts for mountain bikers. There are tons of cool parts out there and we can’t list them all, but we think this is a good selection of gear from affordable stocking stuffers to that big ticket dream item. Much of the gear below is stuff we’ve paid for with our hard earned cash and believe in enough to suggest it to you. None of the brands have paid to be featured here and we’re proud to have selected items we think would stoke out any mountain biker!

GoPro Hero7 Black

It’s been a while a since we were this excited about a GoPro, but we opened the box to this one like a kid on Christmas morning. The big reason for the excitement is the built in image stabilization GoPro calls “HyperSmooth,” and the improved 4k 60fps, and 1920×1080 240 fps footage.

For the non-nerds in the room, that basically gives you incredibly stable video without a gimbal, and frame rates that accommodate slow motion video at full HD resolution. We’re major fans, since riding with a big gimbal on your chest is never much fun. It’s been a while since we got a new GoPro, but the new voice command feature is also a huge help. No more fumbling around pushing buttons while riding. Want to take a burst photo on a cool feature? Just say it, and GoPro will do it. It’s impressive just how much better the photo and video quality has gotten. It’s still just as tough too, and it’s water proof to 33 feet.

We’ve been using ours for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. The new user interface is top notch, and the features are not only useful but incredibly functional. In our time riding with it, we can’t believe just how well the HyperSmooth video works. Even over rough rock gardens on a short travel bike, footage is buttery smooth. If you’re someone wanting to have minimal tooling to make amazing videos on your own, this camera is probably the best bang for the buck you can get.

Website: GoPro.com
Price: $399.99

GoPro Hero 7 2018 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Tembo Tusk Skottle

If you’re like us, chances are you spend a big chunk of time on the road, chasing good trails. You’re also probably cooking for yourself instead of going out to eat while camping. When it comes to portable camp cooking devices, few are as versatile and compact as the Tembo Tusk Skottle. The Skottle itself is a cast iron pan, with attachment points for three removable legs, and a 10,000 BTU single Coleman-style burner. A standard Coleman style gas bottle fits on to the burner. The Skottle and legs come with their individual bags, making travel easy and preventing damage in transit.

At first glance you’re probably thinking that a bowled cooking surface with heat in the center would be highly impractical to cook with, but there are few devices more practical than the Skottle. The center is hot for cooking, while the sides can be used to warm. On a recent trip to Utah, we had our Skottle cooking chorizo, eggs and potatoes while warming tortillas simultaneously. It’s hard to think of another device that can do all that and fit in a small bag.

The sky is the limit for what you can cook. When it comes to being able to cook the largest variety of foods with the least amount of gear, it’s hard to beat a Skottle. Tembo Tusk also makes a smaller model for people really wanting a compact cooking set up. This thing has changed our camp kitchen forever. Want a discount? Tembo Tusk even hooked us up with our very own code to share with you guys. Enter “wolfpack” at check out for 5% off anything in the store.

Website: Tembotusk.com
Price: $275

Muc-Off Grime Bag 2018 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Muc-Off Grime Bag

Need a way to change out of your bike clothes at the side of the trail without covering them in dirt and mud? Does your significant other scold you for getting the house dirty with your gear? Muc-Off understands the struggle and the Grime Bag is a simple solution. Put it next to your van when you need to change, or in your living room when you’re drying out wet riding gear. The mat is made of a high-grade waterproof plastic that folds and cleans easily. Sure it seems simple, but this little mat will become your best friend this wet and mucky winter!

Website: Muc-off.com
Price: $39.99

Pro Standard 2018 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Pro Standard GoPro Accessories

Founded by a former professional snowboarder with tons of filming experience, Pro Standard is in the business of making mounts for GoPro cameras. We recently got a package from Pro Standard containing their unique Grill Mount, 6 Piece 360 Quick Connect bundle and Super-Visor low profile, under visor mounts. If you’re looking for some unique and low profile ways to mount your new GoPro, check out Pro Standard’s site.

Website: Prostandard.com
Price: Starting at $18

Douchebags Savage Bike Bag

The design of this bag was influenced by the roll cages that keep race cars intact during brutal crashes. In that platform, the strength to weight ratio is key, just like it is when airlines are ready and waiting to charge you for every extra ounce of gear. This is one big area we must point out as a potential problem of the Savage – it weighs roughly 26 pounds.

We’ve been long time fans of Douchebags gear. They really put in the time to create products that last. The bag has integrated wheel compartments that fit up to 29” wheels and protects your frame from the cassette. The built in fork protector and frame strap system also keeps your bike scratch free, even when that TSA agent feels the need to re-arrange your entire bag after a search.

Locking levers ensure that the bag won’t accidentally pop open either. Webbing and Hypalon fabric reinforce all the edges of the bag, helping it last flight after flight. Oh and the best part? Since it’s a soft bag with a cage structure, you get the strength of a hard case, but the storage size of a soft bag. Between trips, roll up the bag to store it in just 35% of its original size.

Website: Douchebags.com
Price: $699

100% Brisker Gloves 2018 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

100% Brisker Gloves

Winter gloves have traditionally been a rather bulky affair. To get warmth, you’ve always had to add mass. Thankfully 100% have created a nice mild winter glove that blends warmth with comfort and feel. Since they lack the bulk of other gloves, they probably won’t be the best option if you live in Minnesota, but they’re plenty good for the high desert and West Coast.

We’ve been loving our set as the winter temps begin to set in and we’re pretty sure that’s why we also picked them for last years winter glove guide. A neoprene cuff keeps the warmth in and the cold out. A moisture wicking microfiber palm sheds excess moisture. The palm is only a single layer, preserving comfort and feel. They’re also touch screen ready so you can get that pumpkin spice fall ‘gram.

Website: Ride100percent.com
Price: $29.50

I9 MatchStix Axle tool system

Having just reviewed the I9 MatchStix Axle tool, this piece of gear was fresh on our minds while making this list. These days companies are figuring out ways to cram useful tools in just about every nook and cranny of your bike, but few systems are as easy and well thought out as this. Industry Nine makes the MatchStix for Fox and Rock Shox forks, and the swap requires no permanent modifications of any kind.

Simply pop out your old hollow axle, and replace it with this one. Inside, you’ll find a chain screw, 5mm press-fit tool, 3mm hex, 4mm hex, t25 bit, 6mm hex, valve core remover, spoke tool and a quick release chain link holder. The axle itself turns into a handled driver for the various bits and tools. Rubber seals keep everything clean and debris free so you can easily pull out the tools and get to work. Once again, it wouldn’t be an Industry Nine component if it wasn’t available in a full spectrum of colors.

Website: Industrynine.com
Price: $145

Leatt DBX 5.0 All Mountain Jacket

This three-layer HydraDri equipped jacket has already seen some grimy conditions this fall. It’s a taped, four-way stretch piece that is waterproof yet breathable. Even better for dirtbags like us, it has a dirt, water and stain resistant coating. Leatt’s DBX 5.0 All Mountain jacket has a tailored fit with zip-open vents and tight cuffs around the wrists to keep the wind out.

Some of our favorite features include the magnetic hood system. It keeps the hood down at the back when not in use but an adhesive backed magnet comes with the jacket and you can stick it on your helmet so when it’s deployed it will stay where you need it! We also really like the brush guard fabric treatment on the shoulders and elbows and the gripper material on the seat area helps keep your crack dry. Definitely important when you’re stickin’ that thing out back and skidding down the greasers.

Website: Leatt.com
Price: $199.99

Smith Lowdown XL 2 Glasses

You’ve probably heard of doping before, but eye doping is the next frontier. Careful though, withdrawals from Smith’s ChromaPop lenses will leave you thinking the world is a drab, colorless place. Once you put them on, you’re changed forever. The defining feature of these shades is of course Smith’s polarized ChromaPop lenses, which boost color, contrast and clarity. They’re so good even our dog Bandit sees in color now.

On long drives, we reach only for the Gray Green ChromaPop lenses as they reduce drowsiness and help improve attention. On the trail, these lenses boost shadows and detail, letting you clearly see textures on the dirt’s surface, and differentiate features on the trail. There’s a lot of cool color boosting tech on the market, but ChromaPop is our absolute favorite. The Lowdown XL 2 takes Smith’s most popular frame and increases the lens size making it a better performer for outdoor activities or riding. While these glasses have a casual look, megol nose pads keep them firmly in place when you get active.

Website: Smithoptics.com
Price: $169.00

Smith Low Down II Glasses 2018 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers
Maxima Products 2018 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Maxima Bike Cleaning Supplies

Somehow, Maxima actually make cleaning our bike fun! Their fresh smelling and effective cleaner is ready to strip the loam and mud off your precious frame. Bio-Wash is completely biodegradable and contains no harmful acids, CFCs or solvents. Be sure that you cop some SC1 polish for after the wash to make that bike (or just about anything besides your rotors) look brand new.

Maxima’s products are made in the USA and they have everything from motor oil to chain lube and bike wash. If you’re looking for some fun stalking stuffers that will make you and your mountain biker happy, give them the gift of a clean, well-lubed bike.

Website: Maximausa.com
Price: Starting at $8.95

Sensus Grips 2018 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers


When it comes to things like pedals and grips, everyone has an opinion on what they like best. But if you don’t think Sensus makes some of the best grips on the market, you’re wrong. Andreu Lacondeguy’s signature grip, DISISDABOSS! is a flangeless lock on grip, with a soft, circular pattern. They’re longer than most grips, giving even the largest hands ample space. We’ve ridden a lot of bikes and a lot of grips over the years, but few balance the feel, grip and float that these offer. If you ride gloveless, you’ll appreciate the deep textured channel’s ability to shed sweat as well. Made in California with ODI’s patented lock design, these bad boys are guaranteed to make your hands happy.

Website: Thesensus.com
Price: $31.00

Ride Concepts Livewire Men’s Shoes 2018 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Ride Concepts Livewire Men’s Shoes

A new player to the MTB footwear game, Ride Concepts came in swinging with a full line of shoes. They sent us out a set of their livewire shoes, and after one wear we knew they had something good on their hands. The Sole features a Rubber Kinetics DST 6.0 High Grip Rubber Outsole, and a D3O high impact zone insole. A synthetic upper provides durability, and a heel and toe guard adds protection. The EVA midsole provides support and shock absorption, and adds noticeable cushion. Even with limited time in these shoes, we love the light weight, good pedal feel and ample traction. If you’re looking for something different from the typical players, Ride Concepts has a solid product.

Website: Rideconcepts.com
Price: $100.00

HT Components AE03+

If you’re looking to please a mountain biker, one of the easiest ways to do that is with some fresh pedals! HT has a well-rounded line up of pedals at a variety of price points and colors. The AE03+ pedals weigh in at just over 350 grams, are easily serviceable, feature a CNC machined cro-mo spindle and extruded aluminum body.

Pro shopping tip, if you really want to impress your mountain biker, take a look at his/her bike and find what little accent color pops out in the suspension, wheels, grips or bars. Chances are you’ll be able to find an HT pedal to match and boost the style of your gift! If all else fails, black is always a safe bet.

Website: ht-components.com
Price: $160

HT Pedals 2018 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers
WTB Tires and Saddles 2018 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

WTB Tires Loam Wolf Saddle

Some of our favorite new tires on the market would make great presents this holiday season. If you’re looking to try some new tires from an old brand, WTB’s Trail Boss and Vigilante tires will churn up the winter soil. These tires offer traction and durability in spades.

Want a perfect compliment for your new tires? Get one of these limited edition WTB/Loam Wolf saddles. WTB will be donating the proceeds from the sales of these saddles to the Trans-Cascadia non-profit trail building outfit. These guys help build and rediscover abandoned trails in the Pacific Northwest and we’re happy to help them build more trails while having our fans sit in style.

Website: WTB.com
Price: Tires – $70.95, Saddle – $129.95

Loam Wolf Socks 2018 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Loam Wolf Socks

While we may be a bit biased, these socks are pretty bad ass. We opted to stick with the American Made, Sock Guy tall crew socks to make the best socks out there and satisfy our picky feet during long days on the bike. These cuffed socks come with extra cushioned soles for those big hucks to flat. Be a part of the Loam Wolf Pack in comfort and style while supporting American-made businesses. Scientific studies have proven that Loam Wolf socks make you at least 69% faster.

Website: Theloamwolf.com/shop/
Price: $18.00

Fasthouse Visor 2018 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Bell Fasthouse Visor + Mouthpiece Kits

Do you have a Bell DH helmet and want to spice things up? This quick and easy upgrade will make you stand out on the trail while making a statement. Bell offers three different visor + mouthpiece kits that feature Fasthouse’s signature styling cues. Compatible with Full-9 and Full-9 Fusion helmets, we suggest you get one of these while they’re still available cuz we’re sure they’ll sell fast.

Website: Bellhelmets.com
Price: $40.00

Shredder Mag

We’re big fans of print publications and little zines like Shredder are doing a great job at keeping print alive. Founded by a passionate and nostalgic young lad, Shredder is sure to keep you sane during your holiday family time after your cell phone has been confiscated. Each issue is packed with lifestyle, history and interesting content you won’t find anywhere else.

Website: Shreddermtbzine.com
Price: $5

Shredder Zine 2018 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers
GUP Tire Sealant 2018 Best Gifts for Mountain Bikers

GUP Tire Sealant 

We hate getting flats trail side. There’s nothing worse than having to stop your ride to pull a tire, patch a hole and refill it with C02. Not to mention the hassle of having to bring all the tools to make that possible. When we heard about this GUP stuff we had to try some, and we’ve been hooked ever since. Strap a can to your bike and you have one tool to refill your tire and patch the hole without ever taking it off the rim. GUP has saved more rides than we can count, giving it the 100% recommendation of the Wolf Pack. Even large holes in Plus tires get filled and sealed with ease by this latex based sealant. Stick a few cans in the stocking of a mountain biker you love to save their future rides. If you really love them, add in a holster so that they can attach the bottle to their frame for that endurbro style.

Website: GUPindustries.com
Price: Can: $14.99 Holster: $3.99

Yakima Skyrise Rooftop Tent

Chances are you’ve probably seen cars driving around with those weird boxes on them, or you’ve seen the overland crowd touting their fancy high-rise tents. Are those trendy rooftop tents really worth it? Yeah. After lusting over a friend’s roof top tent while we slept on the lumpy ground, we decided it was time to step it up, but couldn’t stomach the weight and price of most options. Yakima’s Skyrise tent represents one of the best budget friendly, yet quality options on the market. At only 120 pounds, our medium tent is easy to lift on the truck with two people, and sleeps three on its 96”x56” padded foam floor. The foam pad can even be made into a true bed with sheets and blankets if you really want to bring home with you, or you can just set your sleeping bag up on top. Set up and tear down take a fraction of the time a normal tent does and you never have to fight with poles or stakes. After rolling up to camp, we can have the Skyrise up and ready to sleep in less than two minutes. Tear down takes about the same time. The tent comes with a water proof rain fly (we can verify that it works awesome) and a high quality, easy to use ladder. The tent is filled with nifty storage pockets for gear as well. While sleeping on the ground worked, it sure is nice to be above all the creepy crawlies. Plus if you get stuck in a rainstorm, you’ll never get flooded out! 

Website: www.yakima.com
Price: $1,499.00

DJI Ronin S Gimbal

These days more and more people are trying to start YouTube channels or get high quality video of their buddies for the gram. All those creatives has made a huge market for reasonably priced film making tools that perform at a professional level. Gimbals and steady cams have always been the one area that was unattainable. Thankfully DJI answered the call with the Ronin S. If you’re looking to get buttery smooth footage from your DSLR camera, there is no better option on the market. With an insane 7.9 pound payload capacity (that’s way more than the Chinese knock offs), this gimbal packs massive performance in a tiny package. We bought this thing with our hard earned cash to replace the cumbersome Ronin M we were using and haven’t looked back since. Using it is incredibly intuitive, the balancing process is fast and the results look like something from a Clay Porter film. We seriously can’t believe that products this good are so readily available to average Joe consumers like us. If you’re looking to up your video game but need something user friendly, you can’t beat the Ronin S. 

Website: DJI.com
Price: $749.00

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