Remap Clothing

Remap Clothing

Words by Chili Dog | Photos by Samson Hatae

Like most work places, the Wolf Den is embattled in a heated debate of opposing tastes on most topics. There’s plenty of things we agree on, but it’s a war of the wills for others. Some of us like clips, others vow to only live the flat pedal life. Some like 29ers, the other half love 27.5. Some of us are Ram owners, others are Ford all the way. We even have a sworn GMC fan in the pack (poor soul). Kit is a similar affair. Old Man Drew, the pack leader, swears by bland, muted colors, primarily black. Camo Green is probably the most visible garment in his wardrobe. I on the other hand prefer to actually enjoy life, reaching for a splash of color whenever I pick out a kit to ride in. When Remap sent us an email asking if we wanted to try some of their gear, it was pretty clear that their stuff wouldn’t be up the old man’s alley. I happily filled in. If you like loud, fun and unique prints, Remap is going to be on your wish list.

Remap Clothing

The Lab

Remap was founded by two friends from the UK who have a passion for all things bike. Their unique graphic designs have set them apart, offering something different and out there. Founder Richard Payne elaborated, “It all started a couple years ago when I couldn’t find any kit I really wanted to ride in that stood out. After ages and ages of looking around and seeing that everything looked like everything else I started thinking, “How hard can it be to make your own?” Turns out it’s way trickier than I thought… I’m no web genius so figured if I wanted to get these out there, then I’d need help, which is where my friend and business partner Mark Evans comes in. He’s the online wizard and sorted out the website and computer sorcery.”

These guys are the real deal, and the gear is very clearly made by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. Remap uses a specially blended polyester microfiber material for their jerseys that balances breathability, comfort and durability. All the jerseys have double stitching to stand up to the tugs and stresses that come with mountain biking. The fabric is also designed to wick and evaporate moisture.

Remap also sent over a couple pairs of their socks. They’re the brand’s first foray into footwear, but they clearly know what makes a good sock. A merino/polypropylene fabric blend offers comfort and breathability. The toe seams are smooth to avoid blisters, and the socks have a built in arch support system. In typical Remap fashion, our Devil socks were nice and loud.

Remap Clothing

The Dirt

Over the past few months, the jerseys and socks have made the rounds in our riding wardrobe. We’ve sweat in them, ran them into bushes and have washed them countless times. Despite all that, they still look new. The Mountain Line MTB Jersey is the subtle Remap offering with blue angular graphics. For those seeking a louder option, the 80’s MTB Jersey features some sweet retro graphics treatments, and bright colors. Party on!

While the fit is slighty tighter than some other options on the market, Remap’s jerseys are comfortable and don’t flap around in the wind. Remap suggests that riders may want to size up, but I was perfectly happy in my normal XL sizing. It’s worth noting though, that I’m tall and skinny. If you’re bulkier or have been getting swole in the gym, then sizing up may be the best call. Regardless, both jerseys were comfortable and breathed well. The wrist cuffs also did a great job keeping the sleeves in place despite wind from maximum shreddage.

While socks can be a polarizing topic, I’ve been very happy in the Remap Devil socks. Their pink color isn’t for everyone, but I’ve gotten more compliments than anything else while wearing them! The reinforced toes and heel add durability, and the flat stitching make them comfortable to wear on long days.

The Wolf’s Last Word

Sure, jerseys and socks are relatively simple, but bad gear can make for a very bad day riding. After lots of time in the Remap kit, we’re happy to pass on the good recommendation based on fit and technical performance. If you like bright colors and designs that stand out from the crowd, Remap is ready to re-do your wardrobe.

80s MTB Jersey: £42.99 ($54.79)
Mountain line Jersey: £38.99 ($49.69)
Devil Socks: £9.99 ($12.73)


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Quality Fabric
Tear Resistance
Out There Designs

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