Jaxson Riddle

Jumpin Jaxson Riddle

Hailing from the fine desert oasis that is Washington, Utah, 17 year old Jaxson Riddle has been making waves in the freeride world around Southern Utah. We’re honored to be one of his sponsors and help get this young shredder some more visibility!

We first met Jaxson when he won an SR Suntour RUX fork during an Instagram giveaway we did well over a year ago. Since then we’ve been watching him closely. At the time he was mostly riding alone, self-filming and editing clips of him sending huge gaps and urban drops to flat with style. We knew right away he would be someone to watch and we’re proud to say, it looks like he’s on track to proving us right!

He made quite a showing amongst the pros at Whistler Bike Park during Crankworx. His massive airs and moto-influenced style had guys like Ryan R-Dog Howard asking, “Who is this kid!?” Although he may not be a man, or boy, of many words, it doesn’t take long to realize he lets his riding do the talking for him.

We were planning on giving Jaxson some holiday gift money to help cover some gas, tools and other expenses as he works hard to rise to the next level. For every comment we receive below, we’ll give Jaxson an additional $5!

If you feel the holiday cheer and want to donate some more, leave a comment with your email address or send us a message and we’ll get you in contact with Jaxson directly to help stoke him out even more.

How long have you been mountain biking? 
Jaxson Riddle: I’ve been riding Mountain Bikes for nearly three years now.

What did you do before hopping on a 26? 
JR: I started out riding moto, transitioned to the BMX world for like 2-3 years, and that led me to mountain bikes.

Have you experimented with larger wheels or are you a 26er for life?
JR: Never ridden anything other than 26” & probably never will!

What have been some of your highlights in 2018?
JR: Definitely getting my first frame/bike support sponsor. Also my trip to Whistler was one of the sickest experiences I’ve ever had. 

What is your favorite trick?
JR: No-look flip.

What is your favorite food?
JR: Anything to do with breakfast.

How would you describe yourself?
JR: A young desert rat that enjoys “going big” and fast.

What trick do you want to learn most?
JR: Backflip heelclicker.

Your least favorite thing is?
JR: Dry dirt.

What is your ultimate goal?
JR: To ride Red Bull Rampage and FEST Series.

Be sure to leave a comment below as every comment means ten more dollars we’ll send to Jaxson for future trips and video projects. If you want to contribute more, reach out to us at Info@dev.theloamwolf.com and give him a follow on Instagram @jaxsonriddle

Jaxson Riddle
Jaxson Riddle