Giant Loop Diablo Pro Tank Bag

Giant Loop Diablo Pro Tank Bag

Words & Photos by Samson “Rides with Wind” Hatae

Being a photographer with lots of “friends” means I’m always the one who has to pack an extra bag, or two. I don’t mind it, but having to swing a backpack off your shoulder constantly gets tiring and takes more time then I want. Riding with the camera slung around your neck isn’t the best option for gear safety and dust prevention either…luckily Sony has quick turn around for camera cleaning! #sponsormealreadyplease. Quick stops and accessible storage is where the Giant Loop Diablo Pro Tank Bag shines.

After stopping by the Giant Loop HQ in Bend, OR, I was beyond excited to transfer the load from my neck or back to the bike. Giant Loop’s Ryan Egusquiza took the time and showed me how to mount the tank bag in a matter of minutes. It perfectly holds my Sony A7Riii with 27-70 2.8. I was stoked to have access to the camera while still sitting on the bike. The Diablo Pro most certainly wasn’t designed as a photographer’s assistant, but it has definitely become that for me! If you’re not looking to pack a camera on your rides, you’ll find plenty of other more useful things to fill the Diablo with. Thing like snacks, a roll of TP, maybe even a tube and your cell phone.

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The Lab

The bag is made of a heavy vinyl and closed up by water resistant YKK zippers. The upper flap has an easy-clear vinyl map pocket and there is a mesh pocket on the front. Inside the bag you’ll find a mesh zippered pouch on the top flap. I used this pouch to hold smaller items like lens caps and Pop Tarts.

The main storage compartment is four liters and comes with a Tank Bag Dry Pod with Velcro on the bottom so it won’t move around. The bag secures to your motorcycle via a harness that you zip the bag onto. The bag is easily removed with the beefy coil zippers so you can access your gas cap. The harness is mounted to the bike by looping a strap around the head tube and two side straps that loop around the frame on either side of the bike. The excess strap is then wrapped up neatly in the harness itself under some built in elastic straps.

There are so many little details that I appreciate more things about this bag every time I use it. Even the harness zipper has a little holder so it doesn’t unzip itself while riding the bumpy stuff. And it’s made in the USA!

Giant Loop Diablo Pro Tank Bag

The Dirt

I’ve had this bag for nearly six months now and have put in a lot of miles since then. I did most of the testing while shooting in the Sierra Nevada mountain range on a stock Honda XR650L. While riding I never noticed the bag to be in my way when sitting or standing on the pegs. It tucks right up nicely to the meeting point of the tank and seat. When I needed to stop and take a photo, I could do so while sitting down and just pull the camera out, snap some pictures, put it back and ride away. It was just as easy when I was off the bike.

It was so nice to not have to carry a larger pack with a camera and lenses. On my back I just carried a standard hydration pack with a 70-200 lens, which felt like nothing compared to other trips where I have carried much, much more on my back.
My only issue with the pack came towards the end of a super dry and dusty summer season. I found that the zipper began to stick, making it tough to open and close the pack. Not being a zipper expert, I contacted Giant Loop and they told me to put a little lube on my zipper. Even better, if I had an air compressor, blow away the dust and then lube it. After a little bit of love I was back on track and zipping faster than Ron Jeremy.

I’ve also spent quite a bit of time using the pack on my Suzuki DRZ400, which has a desert tank. I did notice the bag between my legs a bit more with this set up, but it wasn’t really enough to cause any issues with my riding.

The Wolf’s Last Word

In the end, this is a great addition to any dirt bike I ride when I have to shoot. The ease of access to the camera and taking the weight off my shoulders make every ride that much more enjoyable. Even if I’m not shooting a job, I find that I still leave the pack on my bike and utilize it’s practical storage area for other things I’d normally put in my pack.

Priced at $255 it isn’t the cheapest option out there, but it’s a quality item Made in the USA and it works great. It’s adaptable so if you need more space you can even add little pannier pockets to the bag. Giant Loop is a passionate, rider-owned business that puts out top shelf, American-made products and we have no issues recommending the Diablo Pro if you’re looking for a tank bag for your dirt bike.

Price: $255;

We Dig

Build Quality
Ease to Mount
Easy to Access

We Don’t

Zipper Issue (Easily Repaired)


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