Bomber Strap

Bomber Strap

Words & Photos by Nic Hall

We are always looking for new and better ways to get our bikes to the trailhead. The most important things we look for in bike transport are security, protection and ease of use. When we saw a Bomber Strap on a buddy’s truck, we reached out to the company for a demo. Will at Bomber Strap sent us over his latest creation, the Mega Bomber to test on our 2017 Tacoma. The new Mega is designed to work with wider tailgates most later model trucks have.

The Lab

Something that immediately stood out to us is the Bomber Strap’s tough, military inspired look. It’s a very tacticool piece that uses high quality materials and top-notch stitching. The main body of the pad is made of ballistic nylon with heavy duty reinforcement at critical areas. The inside of the pad, the part that contacts your truck, is a soft micro fleece  that is easy on your paint.

Thick closed cell foam padding resists packing after repeated use and offers a buffer between your fork and tailgate. The strap secures around the tailgate thanks to a very high quality spring-loaded buckle and stays tight even over rough roads. It’s very clear longevity and pride of craftsmanship are paramount for Bomber Strap. A Velcro area is centered on the outside facing aspect of the strap and allows you to run the bomber strap patch or any other Velcro moral patch.

The Dirt

Just like a traditional bed pad, the Bomber Strap is slim and easy to use, but unlike a full bed pad, the Bomber is small and unobtrusive. The new larger model has plenty of coverage for the downtube and fork to keep your bike protected. We did have an issue with the tire rubbing on the tailgate, but this problem is solved by using the included handlebar strap. However this also adds an additional step to loading your bike.

The pad has two securing points for your bike, the downtube and fork lower. We found that these two points keep the bike well secured when rallying dirt roads with almost every bike. Some of our heavy E-Bikes found the limit of the strap’s capability and the strap started to slide down the tailgate a bit while trying to drive like Ivan Stewart.

The Wolf’s Last Word

After putting the Bomber Strap through the paces, does it replace the traditional bed pad? We don’t think so. While the Bomber Strap is a very nice piece of kit made of top quality material, it only holds one bike and costs close to as much as a full tailgate pad that holds four or more bikes. If you regularly ride on your own, want something unique and streamline that doesn’t hide your entire tailgate, this may be a good option to keep your tailgate clean while securely shuttling your bike.

Price: $99.99;
Website: bomberstrap.comm

We Dig

Clean Tailgate
Military Styling
Quality Build

We Don’t

Price to Bike Storage Ratio
Needs Extra Strap to Prevent Tire Rub


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